COMMUNITY groups in Tynedale will be able to enjoy a share a funding from the Co-op’s Local Community Fund.

Twenty four causes are set to benefit in the district, including Open Arms at Hexham Community Centre, Bellingham Town Hall, and Happy Faces Prudhoe.

Last year, 21 groups in the district shared £102,030.

Co-op members, receive a five per cent reward for themselves with a further one per cent going to local causes when they buy own-brand products.

Members can decide how the money is allocated, and are encouraged to select the causes they wish to support online.

Recent figures from the Charity Commission show that 40 per cent of all charities survive on an income of less than £10,000, meaning that the funding raised by Co-op members will have a significant impact on the difference causes can make in their community.

Rebecca Birkbeck, director of community engagement at the Co-op, said: “The more people shop, the more we share, and the more impact we can have in communities.

“People can get involved by becoming a member, swiping their card, and choosing the cause they want to support.

“Last year we invested £19m in over 4,000 groups UK-wide, supporting a wide range of initiatives from village halls and community spaces to skills initiatives and neighbourhood watch schemes.

“All of these are helping to make communities across the UK safer, happier, and healthier places to live.”