A MOTHER has celebrated receiving the all clear from breast cancer with the news her nine-year-old son’s fund-raising efforts have exceeded £3,500.

Shaftoe Trust Academy pupil Geordie Thirlaway has raised a total of £3,600 for Cancer Research since his mother Cathy (45), of Haydon Bridge, was diagnosed with the disease in March.

He smashed the original target of £100 in the first day when he had his head shaved after Cathy lost her hair, and his fund-raising efforts also included designing and selling hoodies.

Before Christmas, Haydon Bridge United Football Club, of which Geordie is a member, organised a fund-raising event which brought in £2,800 and was split between the club and the charity.

Cathy said: “Geordie was extremely upset when I was diagnosed and I guess when they are little they think cancer means death.

“He shaved his head because he thought people might laugh at me and he wanted me to feel better about it. He wanted to do something else to so designed and sold his merchandise.

“We’re so proud of what he has done for charity and it is amazing that he’s raised so much. The main stumbling block to fighting cancer is money for research, so we like to think we can contribute a little.”

Cathy has been touched by the support from friends, family and even strangers during her illness. And she was full of praise for the NHS for the treatment they provided.

She said: “It didn’t sink in when the doctors told me they had fully removed the cancer. I’ve been in a little bubble for the past few months so I’m looking forward to getting back to normal and getting back to work.

“I had so many people getting in touch and wanting to donate money, and I was bowled over by it. It restored my faith in human nature.

“I think the North-East is an amazing place for cancer treatment, so I count myself lucky that the NHS was so amazing.”