A POPULAR event in Allendale is looking for help to cover road closure costs.

The Allendale May Fair Committee revealed in November that it had been charged £250 to close roads, a cost which will rise to £500 for this year’s event.

Northumberland County Council explained that the cost was due to a legal obligation to ensure the road closure was advertised locally, and added that the charge was phased in to help event organisers with their financial planning.

The issue was discussed at Allendale Parish Council’s meeting on Thursday, January 3.

Coun. David Crellin, chairman of the parish council, said: “You will have seen the letter about charges for closing the road which will have an effect on the May Fair and other events.

“I would suggest that the committee consider using the village green because they they don’t have to close the highway, they won’t have to pay, and it fits in with the purpose of the green.

However, Coun. Glynn Galley argued: “There’s 2,500 people milling about. The road needs to be shut.”

Coun. Robert Philipson added: “I just wonder what they do to justify that cost?”

It was suggested that the May Fair committee write to county councillor Colin Horncastle to ask for financial support.

However , speaking after the meeting Coun. Horncastle said: “The funding that we have – the members small schemes – is only available for capital spending. They’re looking for revenue money which is hard to get.

“There’s a lot of costs behind the scenes and it actually costs an awful lot of money when it’s added up.

“I don’t think the council will make any profit. It’s unfortunate, but the council has to make savings.”