AN award-winning film-maker has been back to school to share his skills with the next generation.

Steven J. R. Lawson, who has won numerous awards at film festivals over the last few years, held a masterclass at Prudhoe Community High School where he taught students from Year 9 through to Year 13 how to recreate some tricks of the visual effects trade.

He hoped to share his experience of the industry, so the pupils could use the skills they learnt in their own short films.

Steven (35), attended Prudhoe Community High School and still lives in Prudhoe.

He said: “When I was at the school we never did anything like this. I’d have loved to get involved back when I was here.”

Tim Smith, media teacher from Prudhoe Community High School said: “I actually met Steven when he was a Year 11 student and I was a student teacher.

“Fifteen years later I met Steven when he was looking to complete his first competition winning short film, and use the green screen studio at Fuse Media Centre.

“I’m delighted he can come in now and hopefully inspire our students to go on an achieve some of the same successes he has.”