TECHNOLOGY used to capture drones using a net and parachute, developed by a group of Stocksfield-based engineers, was put to the test by a Commandant of the US Marine Corps.

SkyWall100 was developed by Openworks Engineering to physically capture a drone in a net and bring it to the ground safely under a parachute.

The technology has now been used in several “drone threat” scenarios at the Marine Corps Base Quantico for the Non-Lethal Technology Exercise NNTEX-18C.

The demonstrations were set to show existing deployed systems such as SkyWall, alongside emerging non-lethal capabilities.

SkyWall100 successfully engaged several moving and static drone targets, demonstrating its ability to physically capture and neutralise a drone threat.

The system defeated multiple drones including the large DJI S1000 octocopter, that was captured in a simulated live mission when it was armed with an inert payload.

Skywall100 also showed its ability to be used alongside other technologies. During a test, when jamming systems were able to disrupt the drone, it would hover allowing Skywall100 to capture the device.

A large number of military officers, analysts and observers from NATO nations around the world attended, gaining an appreciation of the complexities associated with drone threats and the challenges faced by the military when operating in a range of environments.