FIRST and foremost, their aim was to create a community event full of music, dance and good cheer.

And in the 25 years since local band Hedgehog’s Skin launched the Hexham Christmas Ceilidh, the recipe hasn’t changed – it is still a merry, fun-packed night out.

“The first one was at the Royal Hotel and all 150 tickets sold out, as they usually do,” said founder and accordion player David Oliver.

“It was so crowded we had to do the dances twice, so everybody had a chance to get up.”

For the past 15 years though it has been held in the much more spacious main hall at Queen Elizabeth High School, on home territory for the band members who all live in the west end of Hexham.

And that’s where you will find them tomorrow night, for the Hexham Christmas Ceilidh is always on December 28. Tickets are available on (01434) 607432.