MEMBERS of the Wylam community are hoping to bring more services to the village’s Falcon Centre to secure its future.

The building currently houses the local library, railway museum and other facilities including a pre-school playgroup, the Artisan Baking Community and a yoga class, but locals consider it to be an underused public space.

A GP service has been suggested to help put the community space at the centre of the health and wellbeing of Wylam, its surrounding villages and communities.

The proposal is a result of uncertainty surrounding the Riversdale Surgery, on Woodcroft Road, after it announced last year that it would launch an engagement process into closing the surgery.

The proposals prompted backlash from some members of the community and the Wylam Surgeries Users Group was formed.

Andy Haddon, who helps run the pop-up artisan bakery every Saturday, is part of the recently formed Falcon Centre Futures Group.

He said: “We’ve started the dialogue about how we can deliver a future for the centre.

“We’re now asking members of the public to join in the conversation and think of how we can co-create a valuable space for the community.”

Hexham Labour Party has said the building could be a significant factor in maintaining GP services and expanding existing social and cultural provision for people of the locality.

The centre, which is currently owned and maintained by Northumberland County Council, is seen as a vital space for utilising community resources.

Andy said he hoped the county council would invest money from its schools and leisure facilities fund to maintain the service of the community space.

He added: “There’s enthusiasm in developing the space.

“Let’s get the collective vision agreed and see how we can move it forward.”

Locals are invited to visit the Falcon Centre, on Falcon Terrace, on Saturday between 9.30am and 11.30am, where ideas to make more use of the building will be discussed.