HALTWHISTLE town councillors have questioned the viability of introducing of parking charges at the railway station.

The charges have been proposed by Northumberland County Council to help pay for a £10m investment into parking improvements throughout the county, including a new car park in Hexham.

But at Haltwhistle Town Council’s meeting last week, councillors questioned whether the car park was used enough to make any money, adding that a it was rarely used, the cost of £3 a day would put more people off.

Councillors also questioned how enforcement and signage would be paid for.

Coun. John Clark said: “If it’s full, or nearly full, how much income would that generate a day?

“What I’m wondering is, have they’ve costed it? They will have to collect the money or do something to the people who aren’t paying.”

Coun. John Elliot added that the car park was never full, while Coun. Margaret Forrest added: “As a council, we should say we don’t think it’s viable.”

The council’s chairman, Coun. Alan Sharp, said the charges could affect parking charges in the rest of the town.

He added: “If they can’t park there then they will find somewhere else in the town.

“Nobody is going to pay £3 a day.

“We want to keep parking for people in Haltwhistle and if that charge is implemented it could make parking more difficult in the rest of the town.”

Councillors agreed to write to the county council expressing their concerns.