CHILDREN have been mapping half-mile distances around their village in a mission to get as many people as possible to walk a mile a day.

Youngsters at Mickley First School have been filling in blank maps of their village with local landmarks such as houses, churches and other areas of interest, as well as local walks to take part in.

As part of this, and their participation with the daily ‘active mile’ initiative – which encourages schoolchildren to walk a mile a day – they this week marked out half-mile points around their village with signs.

They hope this will encourage older people as well as youngsters at school to walk more and explore their local area.

Using pedometers, they have measured out half-mile distances from the crossroads at Mickley, where a central board with the map and information on the project will stand when it is completed.

County councillor Anne Dale, who has been involved with the project and similar ones at Broomley First School and Broomhaugh First School, said: “While mapping out the distances the children have had to solve mathematics problems, and learn about the history of the village and the environment too.

“Putting the boards up in the village is just the outcome of putting all of that together.

“As part of this we will be encouraging people in the village all to walk a mile a day – and having that mapped out makes it seem much easier.”

Headteacher at Mickley First School Andy Hudson said: “It has been nice to give children a sense of the community in which they live and by highlighting the walks and opportunities in the local area.

“It might give them the opportunity to go and explore the community better on their own too.”