LOCAL artists will be displaying their work in a new exhibition held by TheArtStudio.

Twenty two students of Chilean-born artist Enrique Azocar will exhibit their work at the alumnae exhibition, which will include pastel, oil, acrylic and pencil works of art.

Enrique said he was pleased to be giving local artists a platform to showcase their work, and felt “incredibly proud” at the artistic achievements of his students.

Enrique teaches students through both one-to-one sessions, and in communal art classes at the studio. He said he loves teaching because it allows him “the chance to see how each individual student develops their style, techniques and creativity through their time learning.”

Some of the students whose art will be on display include: Joan Macbeth, Iris Carr, Margie Smart, Rosemary Straker and Tanya Merridew.

The exhibition will run from Friday, November 30 to Thursday, December 6 at TheArtStudio, Hexham.