AN unusual new landmark has sprung up on one of the most dramatic parts of Hadrian’s Wall.

In the shadow of Sycamore Gap – made famous by Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves – a giant beer bottle has appeared outside the popular Twice Brewed Inn.

Rather than a bottle of the inn’s onsite brewery’s own creations dropped by a giant, the 12-foot tall bottle has actually been installed by the inn.

As well as being rather eye-catching and drawing attention to the inn itself, the bottle has been designed so visitors can actually climb inside and capture a selfie.

The giant bottle, which features a Roman soldier’s body for photographs, will be on permanent display in the grounds of the Twice Brewed Inn, with the label changing on a weekly basis to showcase the beers brewed at the pub’s onsite brewery – from Ale Ceaser to Steel Rigg Porter.

The idea behind the label change is so that visitors can get their photo taken inside their favourite beverage.

Twice Brewed’s assistant manager, Matt Brown, said: “Our beer is so popular when tourists stop by or come to stay, we thought the giant bottle was a fun idea for people to have a photo with, and it’s a great way to showcase our different beers to passers by.

“We’re really looking forward to seeing everyone’s photos.”