A ROMAN soldier named Victrix has taken up residence in the village of Heddon-on-the-Wall ­– and he’s carved from a tree.

A group named Heddon Branches was formed earlier this year to save the large chestnut tree which stood on Taberna Close in front of a cafe.

As the chainsaws were in motion to chop down the tree, which had been condemned due to disease, proud locals stepped in and suggested it should be carved into something of relevance to the area. £3,500 in fund-raising and donations later, villagers brought in tree carver Tommy Craggs, and his work is just about complete.

John Stewart, a member of Heddon Branches, said: “As well as promoting Heddon’s connection to the Wall, this is promoting Heddon to visitors and attracting them to Tynedale too.

“It’s definitely the talk of the village and people have already come from across the region to have a look.”