IT’S one of the most popular and most beloved events in Hexham’s social calender.

But the organisers of Hexham’s bonfire night are warning that this year could be the last – due to a lack of manpower.

The bonfire and fireworks display has been organised by Hexham Round Table since 1956, but member Andy Laidler, who has been involved with the organisation of the bonfire since he was 11, said this week that the number of volunteers had been dwindling year on year.

Andy said: “Potentially, this could be the last year we do the bonfire with Hexham Round Table.

“The Tynedale Lions may take it over. They’re looking like the most likely people, but it would be a different format.

“We’re a well-oiled machine now.

“We now have seven members, down from about 30 a few years ago, and this year we’ll lose about half of them because they turn 45.

“It’s seven people organising an event for thousands.

“We would have folded a few years ago if we hadn’t changed the upper age from 41 to 45.”

The display almost doubles the population of the town for the night, with people coming from far and wide to enjoy the spectacle.

In addition, many university students return to Hexham for the weekend, and the extra people provide a big boost to Hexham’s restaurants, hotels, and pubs.

The Round Table is looking for male volunteers between 18 and 45 to safeguard the future of the bonfire.

Andy explained that while organising the bonfire was a big task, what it meant to the town made it all worthwhile.

He continued: “It’s so difficult to put into words. You get so much out of it, all the people who you help, you get a lot of thanks and praise.

“It’s a private event. We get no help from the council.

“Saturday is going to be great, it’s so worth all the hard work. It’s impossible to put into words.”

Anyone interested in joining the Round Table can contact the organisation on