A TYNEDALE town hall is celebrating its 140th birthday this year.

Newbrough Town Hall was presented to the inhabitants of Newbrough by Miss Jane Todd in 1878, who lived in the nearby Newbrough Park.

These days, it is used for a variety of functions – from weddings and parties to the village pantomime.

An extension, known as the Stanegate Inheritance Project, was opened 20 years ago and the building is also home to a 22-bed bunkhouse.

However, 2018 has been a tough year for committee members Dave Spearman and Elaine Arkless, who were thrust to prominence following the resignation other members earlier this year.

Since then, they have worked to add new events in a bid to try and bring more money to the hall, whilst also working to highlight existing functions.

Elaine said: “We joined the committee in February and by July the chairman had resigned, and the vice-chairman and another committee member left in August.

“That left us and one other member, but we feel positive, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. “It’s a fantastic facility. There’s already regular events on, there’s badminton and bowls, the WI meet here, there’s a youth club and a cancer support service.

“We’ve introduced a quiz once a month, and we’ve had a bingo night which was successful so we’re going to have more.

“As a part of the 140th anniversary, we’re holding a big music night on November 24 with Anna Reay.

“She’s an international singer, she’s actually playing at the Sage the next night.

Dave added: “The point is it’s an opportunity for change.

“We have to get more money in because it’s an expensive hobby.

“We also have the bunkhouse, there’s 22 beds and it’s ideal for walkers and cyclists, we’re trying to get in touch with more groups like that.

“The message is we’re trying to get the knowledge out there of what’s here. There’s no reason why people won’t travel to Newbrough for something like Anna Reay, and that’s what we’re looking into.

“It’s a challenge, but we’re making progress. It’s a lot of stuff, but it’s all coming together.”

More information on the hall’s facilities can be found on its website.