A PRE-SCHOOL which is already leading the way with an innovative outdoor approach to learning now has its own engineering shed.

Riding Mill Pre-school recently moved into the grounds of Broomhaugh First School from its former location at the Millennium Hall, and now youngsters spend 90 per cent of their time outdoors.

This aims to stimulate the children’s learning and encourage greater creativity and physical activity.

Pre-schoolers could already read and relax in a yurt and an outdoor classroom, but now the outdoor classroom has been weatherproofed and renamed as the engineering shed.

The engineering shed, complete with new sign, will give children the opportunity to practise engineering-related activities.

Chairwoman of the pre-school’s management committee Carole Smith said: “This is now the hub for any engineering-related activities the children wish to take part in, from designing to building to painting.

“It’s a valuable addition to further stimulate their imagination and creativity.”

Initially, the pre-school faced a steep bill for the work, but Riding Mill-based engineering firm Osbit agreed to help fund the project.

Tony Trapp, founder of Osbit and its executive chairman, said: “The village is home to Osbit, so it is important to the company to be part of the community and support a local organisation which provides children with the chance to express their creative talents.

“Hopefully, sparking their interest in all things practical at a young age could encourage them to become engineers of the future.”