Dog owners have been accused of ignoring signs banning their pets from entering a children’s play area in Corbridge.

At the latest meeting of Corbridge Parish Council, it was claimed some dog owners were allowing their pets to roam in the village’s park on St Helen’s Lane, despite signs on the entrance to the play area informing them dogs were not allowed.

Coun. David Burnett said: “Ladies standing outside the play area are letting their dogs do whatever while they stand there having a chat. Dogs should be on a lead and not in a children’s play area. The signs say, ‘No dogs allowed.’

“Someone had asked them to remove their dogs from the play area, but they were just ignored. They just stand there willy nilly while their dogs run around.

“They don’t pick their dog’s faeces up either. But who are they going to come to if a child picks up an infection? The parish council!”