NORTHUMBRIAN Water have submitted plans for two new water treatment works in the North Tyne as part of a £3billion investment.

The application concerns the demolition of the existing water treatment works and the erection of a replacement works in Rochester and Byrness.

The new developments will replace the existing buildings, but will be constructed before the original building is demolished.

Equipment in the existing compound is coming to the end of its operational life; therefore the proposed compound will house replacement equipment which is necessary for the continuation of the works.

The plans come after Northumbrian Water announced it is set to invest billions of pounds into the regional economy as part of its proposed new business plan.

More than £3 billion will be spent by the company providing water and wastewater services in the coming years, with a substantial proportion of the investment to be to be spent in the local areas that the company serves.

Northumbrian Water Group Commercial Director Graham Southall, said: “This is a really vital part of our plan because it’s all about working with, and supporting, our local communities and our local people.

“Through supporting our customers and our communities and helping facilitate their success, we can strengthen our relationships with them, which in turn supports their participation in shaping our activities.

“Our goal is to become the most socially responsible water company in the industry and to continue to support our region to grow and thrive.”