RESIDENTS of a new housing development in Humshaugh have expressed their outrage at an application to build two homes on land previously advertised as a paddock.

The plans, submitted by developers Cussins, have been rejected by Northumberland County Council and are now being considered by a government planning inspector.

Haughton Square resident Alan Lamb, whose house overlooks the paddock, said its countryside views were one of the main reasons he had bought the house.

“Everyone has bought into this estate because it’s open, spacious and a beautiful area.

“Instead, the developers have used incremental planning creep to change the whole plans.”

Lesley Bates, also a resident of Haughton Square, said: “What they’re trying to deliver is not what they initially planned. It’s left a bitter taste and we all feel we’ve been mis-sold.”

Alan added: “The list is endless with what you can do with the area. It could be a communal area, garden or small allotment that would create a great community spirit.”

A spokesman for Cussins said that the land in question was private and had never been intended to form part of the extensive open space that had been made available to residents.

“This situation has stemmed from the subject land being too small to be used meaningfully as an agricultural paddock, which raises questions over the future use of the land both in the short and longer term.

“There has been interest in the land as self-build plots, but we believe that the best solution is to develop two dormer cottages using the same materials as the rest of the Humshaugh development.”