THE final event on the district's show calender took place in glorious sunshine. 

The Upper Redesdale Show, at Rochester, welcomed farmers and families who enjoyed an action-packed day out last Saturday. Here are the main trophy winners.


North of England Blackface: Champion; D. Walton, Wanwood Hill, Alston. Reserve champion; S. Weatherston, Edges Green, Haltwhistle. Male champion: S. Robson, Yatesfield Farm, Otterburn.

Best Blackface tup: 1, S. Robson. Best Blackface tup lamb: 1, S. Robson; 2, R. Airey, Brownchesters, Otterburn; 3, J Murray, Sewingshields, Haydon Bridge. Best Blackface ewe: 1, D. Walton; 2, S. Weatherson; 3, J. Murray. Best Blackface gimmer: 1, S. Weatherson; 2, S. Robson; 3, J Murray. Best Blackface ewe lamb: 1, D. Walton; 2, S. Hogg, Hazleton Rigg, Alnham; 3, R. Airey. Best pair ewe lambs: 1, S. Robson; 2, R. Airey.


J. Carruthers Cup for champion Scotch Type: S. Mackay. Reserve Champion: D. Redpath, The Yett. Most points in Scotch Blackface: S. Mackay. Best woolled: S. Hogg. Tom Mackay Cup for best tup: R. Mackay.  Best Blackface tup aged: 1&3, M. Dixon, Stobbs Farm, Rochester; 2, R. Mackay; 3. Best Blackface shearling: 1&3, R. Mackay; 2, D. Redpath. Best Blackface tup lamb: 1, E. Kinghorn, Jedburgh; 2, C. Caskie, Alwinton; 3, S. Mackay. Best Blackface ewe: 1, S. Robson; 2, M. Dixon; 3, S. Mackay. Best Blackface gimmer: 1&2, S. Mackay; 3, C. Kinghorn. Best Blackface ewe lamb: 1, D. Redpath; 2&3, M. Dixon. Best pair Blackface ewe lambs: 1, S. Mackay; 2, D. Redpath; 3, R. Mackay. Best Blackface ewe: 1, E. Kinghorn; 2, S. Mackay; 3, G. Todd, Otterburn.


Best collie (collar and lead prize): D. Wallace. Perpetual challenge cup for best Jack Russell: E. Metcalf. Perpetual challenge cup for best Border Terrier: J. McKenzie. Northumberland National Park Cup for best in show: Gem.


1, D. Henderson with Star; 2, B. Jordan with Cis; 3, K. Preston with Scruff.


The Fanny Rutherford Challenge Plaque: K. Scott. The Laurence Corbett Challenge Cup: K. Scott.  Amy Reid and Mary White Challenge Tray: J. Scott. E. N. A Trial Challenge Cup: I Wallace. W.I Challenge Cup: H. Anderson, A. Bolam; C. Lewins, M. White. Challenge Plaque pre-school girls: F. Shaw. Challenge Plaque pre-school boys: C. Mettam. Challenge plaque girls U9: G. Mettam. Challenge plaque boys U9: A. Dixon, F. Chapman, J. Rogerson. Challenge plaque: girls U16: M. Murray. Challenge plaque boys U16: T. Morrison. Best painting by U13 year-old: A. Mackay.  Best handwriting by U13 year-old: A. Mackay. Willie White challenge plaque: J. Scott. Northumberland National Park challenge cup: S. Anderson.  Most points in flower section: K. Scott. Silver challenge tray for most points in vegetable section: I Scott. John Armstrong Challenge Trophy for best walking stick: E. Foster. Silver Challenge Tankard for most points in sticks section: E. Foster. Judges’ favourite jam: G. Armstrong.  Judges’ favourite chutney: I. Wallace.  Most points in preserves: I. Wallace, G. Armstrong, S. Morrison, A Newton.  Judges’ favourite photo: F. Chapman.  Best photo tankard: K. Dickinson.  Judges’ favourite forest school creation: Joshua (Year 2).