THE future of a main road in a Tyne Valley village has moved a step closer to being decided.

Ratcliffe Road, in Haydon Bridge, has been left without any road markings since it was resurfaced by the county council in the summer.

The council decided not to replace the markings until residents decide what they want to do with the road in terms of the location of the pedestrian crossing and bus stop, traffic calming measures and parking.

Two surveys to measure vehicle and pedestrian numbers have now been completed by Northumberland County Council. A spokeswoman said: “The camera surveys have now been completed. The evidence will be evaluated and findings discussed with the parish council and local county councillor.”

However, at Haydon Parish Council’s meeting last Thursday, concerns were raised about the safety of the road in its current state, particularly as the pedestrian crossing has been out of action.

One resident, who asked to be identified as Mrs Armstrong, said: “Ratcliffe Road is dreadful. Everyone is talking about it. Why was it all removed in the first place? Someone is going to be killed – I hope it’s not a child.”

Members of the parish council, however, claimed the issue had arisen because nobody was happy with conditions on the road before it was resurfaced.

Vice-chairwoman Eileen Charlton said: “It would be illegal to turn the crossing back on because there are no zig-zag lines. This started because nobody was happy with parking.

“The council said it wasn’t going to repaint the lines when they weren’t going to go back in the same place.”

Chairman Coun. Esmond Faulks added: “The plan was to leave it as it is for six months from the start of the work. The county council has said it will do whatever we want, within reason. Personally, I think it should be 20mph.”