A NUMBER of local youths have been issued with community protection notices (CPNs) for their anti-social behaviour in Hexham.

At this week’s Hexham Town Council meeting, Tynedale’s neighbourhood inspector Pam Bridges revealed that Northumbria Police had dealt with reports of young people congregating and causing intimidation around Hexham Middle School and the new bus station on Corbridge Road.

She said that ‘ring leaders’ had been identified at both sites, with CPNs issued to around 10 young people. A CPN is designed to prevent anti-social behaviour, with a warning of further repercussions from any future offending.

In addition, members of the Tynedale neighbourhood policing team have spoken to parents about their children’s behaviour.

Insp. Bridges said the public had expressed concerns about young people congregating in the grounds of Hexham Middle School and on the steps behind the B&M store in Hexham.

A similar problem was regularly encountered in the bus station, with many bus users feeling intimidated by the behaviour of the group of youths.

Insp. Bridges said: “We have issued CPNs and worked with local landowners to improve the lighting around the school; this has had a positive impact on the situation, which has settled down.”