A PROPOSAL for an ‘exceptional’ new home incorporating an existing walled garden has been refused planning permission due to its location in the green belt.

Tynedale Local Area Council (TLAC) turned down an application to demolish redundant buildings in Howden Dene, Corbridge, and replace them with an innovative, glass-walled house using the established wall in its design.

Applicant Kevin Wright, with the strong backing of Corbridge county councillor Nick Oliver, said the proposal met the exceptional circumstances of being an outstanding design, which can override restrictions to develop on green belt sites.

However, on the recommendation of senior planning officers at Northumberland County Council, members rejected the application on the grounds that the site would have a negative impact on the openness of the rural area.

Mr Wright and his wife want to demolish former piggeries, stores, a saw mill and joiner’s shop and replace them with a single storey dwelling, including a basement, with a timber garage and log store.

He said the development would have little negative impact on the countryside as it would be largely enclosed by the existing wall, and would regenerate a partly derelict site.

It was suggested at the meeting that Mr and Mrs Wright may appeal the decision.