CARRIE Beckwith-Fellows has released footage of her taking her first steps after undergoing lifesaving surgery in Barcelona.

She was faced with having to spend the rest of her life bedridden due to the rare condition Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (EDS).

But after raising £100,000 for life-saving surgery, she was able to undergo the operation on September 6.

The first part of the surgery was carried out to stabilise her spine and remove pressure from her brain, helping to stop the continuing deterioration of her cognitive and memory function.

Carrie left the hospital 11 days after the operation and is currently in specialist apartments to continue her recovery.

Since the operation, she has shared regular updates of her improving condition on her Facebook page.

“Standing up, few steps and even a brief moment of me standing without any support," she said.

“Lisa and Dad supporting me through each new challenge as always.

“Mam cheering me on from behind the camera.”

There have also been remarkable improvements in Carrie’s speech and ability to tell the date and time.

The second operation has been postponed until Carrie has fully recovered due to the high risk of infection.

Donations can still be made at