AN application to build two new homes in Humshaugh has been rejected by Northumberland County Council amid opposition from local residents.

The plans refer to two extra houses proposed within the Haughton Square development on land known as the paddock, previously intended to be sold along with one of the adjacent plots.

However, developer Cussins, said: “Following extensive marketing and discussions with prospective purchasers, it was clear that there was no demand for a paddock with these properties.”

A group of Humshaugh residents, which includes some new home purchasers at Haughton Square, oppose the plans and have united to form the group, Neighbours of Humshaugh.

In a statement, Humshaugh Parish Council said: “Purchasers, villagers and the parish council believed that it would remain an integral open space. In that regard we feel we have been misled.”

Resident Herbie Newell, added: “Removal of this green space at this stage of development would at the very least be a breach of trust.”

A Northumberland County Council report said the plans were refused on the basis that it would be harmful to the amenity of local residents and would undermine the high standard of design demonstrated in the previously approved development.

A spokesman from Cussins said: “The emerging Local Plan allows for sustainable development of infill sites and we believe that this land falls within that category.

“The parish council were also keen to see smaller homes which they believed would better serve local needs. This strongly influenced our proposal for two three-bedroom cottages. We are certain our proposal is the best long-term solution.”