A volunteer run film club in Corbridge has been bringing the community together for eight years through its regular showcasing of foreign films.

Now in its ninth season, Corbridge Film Nights started back in 2010 when organisers Caroline Burns, Nick Moss, John Wills, Murray Wills, Susan Killick, Tom Southren and chairwoman of the club Gill Moss

became inspired by the success of a volunteer film club in a small Yorkshire village.

Caroline said: "We heard about this thriving film club in Yorkshire and thought that we should try to set up something similar in Corbridge which would bring people together.

"It also seemed like a great opportunity to give people a chance to watch films on the big screen which aren't always shown at popular cinemas."

For the first three years of its life, the club survived off of borrowed technical equipment, but in 2013 the organisation was finally able to

purchase a projector, DVD player and new cabling of their own thanks to the £1,200 grant from Northumberland County Council's community chest.

The grant is given to voluntary and community groups who contribute to maintaining and creating sustainable communities.

Since it's first opening night, club membership has doubled, and word of its diverse film showings has reached all over Tynedale, and even brought in members from Newcastle.

"We wanted to bring foreign films to people's doorstep," Caroline said, "I'm thrilled with the growth of the club since we started. At its core, it really is about community spirit and having fun."

The committee chooses film showings carefully, and spend all year round looking at film reviews, keeping up to date with new releases and seeking suggestions and recommendations from their members.

This season's screening list features nine subtitled films from all areas of the globe, and a wide range of genres.

Opening on 'The Death Of Stalin', members can enjoy this Bafta nominated black comedy which revolves around the Soviet leader's last few days alive, and the political chaos after his death.

Historic French drama 'Joyeux Noel' brings the true story of the 1914 informal Christmas truce between the French, Scottish and German soldiers where they meet other in No-Man's land to share a fleeting moment of brotherhood.

Japanese drama 'Like Father Like Son' will also be featured in the line-up, which tells the tale of a father's choice when he discovers that the child he believed was his was actually switched at birth in the hospital.

The club are also showing films which have been praised for their diverse plot and representations. One such is Chilean comedy 'A Fantastic Woman', in which a transgender woman called Marina must face life and scrutiny after her old boyfriend dies suddenly.

Award-winning LGBT drama 'In Between' will also be featured, which reflects the lives of three Palestinian woman living independently in the centre of Tel Aviv, having fled from their families in a bid for independence and freedom.

"We like to show topical films which get people thinking and talking," Caroline said, "I think it's important to show diversity, and different human stories."

Members are encouraged to bring along their own nibbles and alcohol, but free tea and coffee is provided at every showing, and stalls will offer viewers the chance to try foreign food and drink which matches the origin of the film that's showing. A free glass of wine is also available on opening night.

Corbridge Film Nights starts on the September 23, 7pm at Corbridge Parish Hall and runs until 14th April 2019.

Membership for the season is £35, or tickets can be bought on the door for £5.

For further information and a full list of showings contact John Wills on filmnights@hotmail.com.