Haltwhistle Burnfield Football Pitch

Haltwhistle Swimming & Leisure Centre led on this project and the football pitch was funded through a £50,000 Sport England Award and £35,348 from the NCC Haltwhistle Football Capital Fund.
Purchase of Scout Hut

This was purchased by Cllr I Hutchinson, using his member Capital Scheme monies, in the name of Jubilee FC Ltd
Refurbishment of Scout Hut into Changing Facilities for Football in Haltwhistle

This project was led by Malcolm Hind of Jubilee Football Club Ltd and was mainly funded through the NCC Haltwhistle Football Capital Fund. The total cost to the NCC capital fund for this refurbishment was £70,822.64. Malcolm Hind generously funded an amount of work himself along with volunteers - including some external ground works, foundations (including the concrete) and landscaping.
Legal Fees – Ward Hadaway
The fees were paid over three financial years and amounted to £40,803.83.

Donation Received A donation of £7900 was received as a contribution for the upkeep and maintenance of the village green.

The Village Green (including the Burn Field Football pitch) is owned by The Leisure Centre under the name of Haltwhistle Social Welfare Centre charity.

The Town Council acts as custodian trustees for this. The green, and football pitch, is for the use of the residents of Haltwhistle who can enjoy it as a village green.

The football pitch can be used for organised football games and are managed and booked through the Leisure Centre.

There are regulations governing the use and the Leisure Centre will ensure they are followed.

Non-organised activities may occur and users are prompted to consult with the Leisure Centre or The Village Green Working Group.

The Changing Rooms are owned by The Jubilee Football Club Ltd which is a private company limited by guarantee.

They are for the use of community only and cannot be sold on privately. Booking for the room is through Jubilee FC Ltd. As both stakeholders received public funding for the projects they have a duty to ensure that the facilities are available for the community.

A Community Use Agreement has been signed by all three parties to secure this.

The school has also received funding for the refurbishment of the football pitch. This will also be available for the community and they have signed a Community Use Agreement too.

It is hoped the pitch will be ready over the next year. There is a Village Green Working Group with representation from the Council, Leisure Centre, residents of the town and the footballers.

It has been established to ensure the protection of and equitable use of the green, which includes the football pitch, BMX track and the Flora and Fauna.

A Football Development Group has also been formed to review football development in the town, review the pricing policy for the pitch, deal with any disputes that may arise and agree the distribution of any future football funding in the town.

Representatives are from The Leisure Centre, Council, Jubilee FC Ltd, Village Green Working Group, the school and the football teams.