A BUSINESSWOMAN is preparing to launch her own makeup brand, with the intention of reaching a national audience within the range’s first years.

Anna Stonehouse, from Allendale, has created a line of mineral-based makeup products known as “Moonstone.” Mineral-based makeup is becoming a popular alternative to traditional chemical-based products, and Anna, who opened the Natural Beauty salon in Allendale seven years ago, saw it as the perfect opportunity to launch her brand.

All of the cosmetics have been formulated, created and tested in the North-East and carefully manufactured in Allendale.

Anna said: “There is no better feeling than creating something unique that you are passionate about.

“I have been lucky enough to get the opportunity to create my own makeup and I hope everyone loves all the products as much as I do. I am very excited for future of the Moonstone brand.

“One of the main reasons I decided to create mineral makeup is because of how well the colours blend and how natural it makes the skin look.”

The brand, which is aiming to have a luxurious image along with an affordable price tag, is set to launch this month. Moonstone products will be available from the brand’s website.