A HEXHAM chiropractor is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the business with the launch of a new Aligned to Wellness programme.

Aligned Chiropractic was set up in September 2008 after Belinda Ambrose and her family moved to the area from Kent.

The practice, at the old Selegate Surgery, at Sele Gate House, has built up a strong reputation and now has members of all ages, from day-old newborns to octogenarians, and from all walks of life from film stars to tradespeople.

“I love the diversity of visitors to the practice and the best part of practice life is the fun we try to have every day – life can be full of drudgery and stress and we like to think we provide a positive and uplifting experience on every occasion for every visitor,” said Belinda.

To mark the practice’s tenth anniversary, it is launching a new programme – Aligned to Wellness.

Belinda said the programme provided “a complete health reboot” using technology to evaluate blood biomarkers and body composition to accurately measure progress.

Unlike other, sometimes one-dimensional, wellness programmes, Aligned to Wellness aims to have a three-pronged approach by addressing three aspects to health – physically, biochemically and mentally or emotionally.

A pilot study has already been carried out and the first round of people to sign up will begin on the programme in the first week in September.

The Aligned team coaches will navigate each person through the program providing constant support when needed.

Belinda said she set up the programme after seeing that chronic health problems were becoming an epidemic in the UK.

She said: “We are on a mission at Aligned to start turning the tide on chronic ill health in Hexham, one person at a time.”