THE cast of Vera could be spotted out and about in Ridsdale earlier this week, as they filmed for the show’s seventh season.

The Gun Inn pub in Ridsdale became a filming set for the cast and crew, who began filming for episode four of the seventh season, on Monday.

Locals could spot the TV stars including Vera herself, Brenda Blethyn, around the village.

Landlady of The Gun Inn, Liz Askew, said: “When we were approached by a representative of Tyne Tees to ask if the pub could be used as a location we were over the moon, as we know how much Vera has brought to Northumberland.

“We closed during the day to allow them to film and when we opened in the evening it was a real talking point and everyone wanted to know what had happened.

“But many of the locals had been out during the day to see what was happening, local children were especially intrigued and were taking pictures with the Land Rover that Brenda Blethyn drives in the programme.

“The whole cast and people who worked behind the scenes were lovely and very courteous, taking the time to speak to the locals and making sure they were OK to park on the main street.

“It’s exciting for the whole area and the pub, and it will be great to see the area on TV!”

The Vera cast went on to film in Blanchland on Tuesday and Mrs Askew said The Gun Inn is expecting the cast to return to Ridsdale for further filming in a few weeks’ time.

Scenes of Vera filmed in Ridsdale will be aired on ITV in 2017, and the Gun Inn will be renamed “The Lion” in the show.