LAUGHS aplenty are en route to Hexham as Offenbach’s comic opera comes to town.

Opera Della Luna will perform two one-act operas in the Tales of Offenbach.

The company has taken on Jacques Offenbach’s Croquefer and The Isle of Tulipatan.

First performed in 1857 at the Theatre des Bouffes-Parisiens, Croquefer follows the fortunes of Croquefer after he abducts his arch-rival, Rattlebone’s daughter.

A fight between the two
arch-rivals is only avoided by Croquefer’s aide, Fireball, who doctors the wine with hilarious consequences.

The performance will be accompanied by the orchestra
of Opera Della Luna, with the music arranged by Thibault Perrine.

The second one-act play, Tulipatan, was first performed
in the same Parisisan theatre in 1868.

It is set on the island of Tulipatan, 15,000 miles from Nanterre, and follows the fortunes of King Cactois the 22nd.

The king has been deceived into believing that his son and heir, Alexis, is in fact his daughter.

Concurrently, the king’s field marshal has managed to convince his wife that their daughter is a boy.

Inevitably both children meet and fall in love.

The Tales of Offenbach will take to the stage at Hexham’s Queen’s Hall tomorrow at 7.30pm.