DOG walkers and councillors in Prudhoe are teaming up to stress the importance of keeping green spaces clean after a string of complaints about dog fouling.

Families, dog walkers and groups who use Prudhoe’s Eastwoods Park raised concerns last weekend after huge amounts of dog mess was found on the football pitch.

Coun. Gordon Stewart said he had received emails telling him the dog fouling in the area was “absolutely disgraceful”, while those who wished to use the area filled a shopping bag full of dog mess which had been left behind.

After the issue was raised with Northumberland County Council, dog owners are worried there is a risk that dogs will be banned from the area completely – and are campaigning for others to pick up their mess before it is too late.

“The park is extremely popular seven days a week and about 14 hours a day with lots of dog owners,” Coun. Stewart said.

“There are children under eight years old who use the area and people come from all over Tynedale to use it – so it’s really important we keep it tidy so everyone can benefit from it.”

He added that as well as posters encouraging people to pick up after their dogs, it was hoped that starting education programmes in local schools would encourage the next generation to become responsible dog owners.

Town councillor Coun. Angie Scott added that she would encourage residents to sign up to the Northumberland County Council Green Dog Walker pledge.

Those signing up agree to always clean up after their dog and put the bag in a bin and to use a friendly approach to encourage other dog walkers to do the same.

Volunteers are equipped with an armband to wear when walking their dog as well as green doggy bags and pledge leaflets to pass on to others.