RESIDENTS of Haltwhistle have once again criticised the state of the town’s public toilets.

An anonymous letter from a resident was read out at Haltwhistle Town Council’s meeting on Monday, which said: “This can’t be allowed to continue.

“There’s no excuse for this; the councillors should hang their heads in shame.

“With the opening of the Sill, I would have thought that the council would be trying to bring in more visitors, not drive them away.”

Councillors agreed with the sentiment in the letter, but pointed out that responsibility for maintaining the toilets lay with Northumberland County Council.

Coun. Michael Ridley said: “I don’t disagree with anything in that letter, it’s just frustrating it has come to us rather than the people who have responsibility for it.”

And Coun. Margaret Forrest said: “We should write back and say it’s a county council responsibility and we should send a copy of that letter to the county council.”

A spokesman for the county council said: “The council has regular discussions with the town council about a range of frontline services including the toilets, where the prolonged hot weather has caused a few issues. We will contact the town council to discuss the concerns that were raised in its meeting.”