A FATHER and son have returned to the Allen Valleys to complete a trek that they first discovered 10 years ago.

In 2009, Michelle and Gareth Hesslegrave, from Cheshire, were on holiday in Alston, when they were drawn to signs for Isaac’s Tea Trail.

The trail shared a name with their six-month-old son, Isaac – so on a cold February morning they strapped the youngster into a baby carrier and walked a section of the route at Nentsberry in the Nent Valley. Almost a decade later, Isaac – now 10 years old – and his dad have completed the entire 36-mile trek that he shares his name with.

Isaac, from Wilmslow, is a member of his local Cub pack and decided to complete the trail in order to earn his personal challenge badge.

Despite the fact that Isaac only needed to plan, lead and complete a hike of at least two miles, he saw it as the perfect opportunity to attempt the full trek of the tea trail.

The pair set off from Allendale on August 16, with Isaac wearing a trail T-shirt which had been given to him in 2009 by a volunteer trail ranger.

The T-shirt was of course far too big, and remained at the bottom of his drawer until now.

Isaac’s mum Michelle said: “They battled hills, blisters, rain and wind, hunger and fatigue but still managed to complete the entire 36-mile route in just three days.”

Isaac said: “It was hard work and I was close to giving up when it rained hard on the first day, but I was determined to finish it and so just kept on walking thinking how good it would be to reach the end.”