NORTHUMBERLAND Wildlife Trust has urged members of the public to take home their rubbish after visiting reserves in Tynedale.

It comes after staff at the trust were forced to collect camping debris left by visitors at Briarwood Banks near Bardon Mill.

The trust has to collect the rubbish before carrying out its annual grass cutting task.

Duncan Hoyle, Northumberland Wildlife Trust estates officer, said: “Staff and volunteers who visit the site at the end of each summer should not have to remove this type of waste, which could be dangerous to our machine operators.

“In the past we have put up signs asking people to take their litter away with them but wooden signs just end up on fires and expensive metal signs get torn down or damaged.”

The wildlife charity is asking members of the public to be vigilant on its reserves, and to contact the head office on 0191 2846884 if they see anything amiss.