ON Monday we asked our readers what they would do if they found out that they won the EuroMillion jackpot, here are their answers. 

Keven Baugh had a whole list of what he would do if he won, his list included buying a big house in the country, a Private river and his own five a side pitch. Keven also said he would buy four dogs, a range rover and buy more tattoos adding, 'The list goes on.'

Whereas Karen Potts said she would make a list of who/what she could help and then treat herself to a nice holiday and sit back and think what to do next. 

One response came from John Doherty, who said he would give his five closes friends £500,000 each, give everyone at work £10,000. John also said he would give his work £10,000 for the resident's activities fund and see what else he could do for charity before he decides to treat himself. 

Another selfless response came from Paula Cram, who said she would take her friends and family out, pay off the mortgage and go on holiday with her friends. Paula added that she would treat her nephews and her cat called Redgie.

Animal lover, Dawn Moore said she would pay for a cargo plane to get all the animals, staff and their families out from the Nowzad, Mayhem and Kabul and place them in a safe country. 

Some more responses from our readers included Tariq Khan who said he would never work again, Karrie McHugh said she would pass out and Norma Shuttleworth said that she would pay off her daughters' mortgages. 

Unlucky for some though as Steven Bell said he won last week but still ended up losing money and said, 'surely the lowest prize should be more than the cost of a ticket'. 

Many comments, including ones from Phil Coates and Kinda Porter, said they would simply just give up work. Craig Goodall cheekily said he would 'go on the sick'. 

A few more reactions on what our readers would do if they won the Euromillions came from Pam Hunter saying that she would scream, Gemma Marie Bennet said that she would also scream, then buy a bottle of something fizzy and boozy. Winifred Varty said she would faint after receiving the news that she won the jackpot prize.