Looking back at the stand out events in Tyndedale history 10, 25, 50, 75, 100 and 125 years ago.

FARMERS’ GLASTONBURY: The North Sheep event - the largest, one-day, specialist sheep event in the UK - attracted around 8,000 visitors to West Nubbock.

It was the 17th technical event of its kind and Tynedale was extremely proud to provide the venue.

MEMORIAL FUND: A fund created in memory of teenager Emma Newton raised £12,000 - almost half of its eventual target - in the first week after its launch.

The 18-year-old died when a tree crushed her car.

FAIR VIOLENCE: Allendale Fair weekend was marred by two major incidents; The night before the popular fair a group of young campers were terrorised by a gang of thugs who burned their clothes, threw explosive devices and a full can of petrol on their camp fire and on the night of the event, eight people were arrested and one man put in hospital.

TRAVELLER BAN: Hexham Town Council considered banning travellers from the town’s Tyne Green after it was turned into an impromptu campsite when travellers en route to Appleby horse fair took over the site.

EARN FORGIVENESS: Novice driver Simon Liddle (20) who caused the death of teenager Rebecca Gallois the first time he got behind the wheel after passing his driving test was earning the forgiveness of the her parents.

The 17-year-old was killed when Liddle lost control of the Citroen Saxo car he had taken delivery of only on the day of the accident.

BIRTHING POOL: A new birthing pool at Hexham General Hospital was christened when second-time-mum Ruth Hawkin give birth to daughter Henrietta weighing 8lbs 40z.

PC STABBING: Hexham police officer Kevin Marsden, with nearly 30 years of service, required counselling for a month when he thought he was going to be stabbed.


MASKED RAID: A Haydon Bridge mother and her two teenage children were recovering from a harrowing ordeal which saw three masked raiders break into their home and steal jewellery valued at over £1,000.

The 51-year-old woman was punched, tied up and gagged by the raiders who burst into her home at night.

HOMES OBJECTED: Over 50 Haydon Bridge residents converged on an emergency meeting of the parish council to object to plans for 20 Bellway Homes.

The parish council wrote to Tynedale Council listing eight objections to the proposals for the village’s old showfield site.

OWL OUTWITTED: Police Sgt Eddie Bell was asked to ‘arrest’ a village’s giant eagle owl.

Shotley Bridge residents had ‘adopted’ the owl with a six-foot wingspan.

FUNDING BOOST: Workers at Hexham-based LINKS were celebrating after being awarded £66,540 from the National Lotteries charities board.

Simonburn Village Hall was also given £8,000 to spend on repairs to its wall and yard.

ONE-WAY BID: Signatures mounted up in a petition to Northumberland County Council to introduce a one-way system along St Helen’s Street in Corbridge.

HAPPY RETURNS: Robert Renwick celebrated his 100th birthday at a family gathering held at the Tynedale Farmer Function Suite.


ELDERLY HOSTEL: Corbridge’s Trinity Court - a hostel for old people - opened.

BIG ANNIVERSARY: Celebrations were held to mark the 200th anniversary of the then village school at Bingfield, near Great Whittington.

PAVILION PROJECT: Work got under way on a new £5,000 sports pavilion at Wark.

VINDO-WHAT? A row broke out over the name of the Vindolanda Roman site near Bardon Mill.

A Hexham Courant reader claimed it should be called Vindolana, but professor Eric Birley - then a Roman history expert - dismissed the suggestion.


PRUDHOE PROJECT: Work began on the erection of 53 prefabricated houses at Fairview in Prudhoe.

SMALL WORLD: Three brothers from Hallington, near Colwell, met by chance in Milan while serving in the Army there.


CHURCH BAZAAR: A bazaar held at Kirkwhelpington vicarage raised £108 for the church’s restoration fund.

PUB HOME: A house at Edmundbyers, formerly used as a pub, was sold for £35.


CONTAMINATED WATER? Samples of water from Newbrough’s parish pump were sent for analysis amid fears its water supply had become contaminated by sewage.

FRUIT FRENZY: Almost 300 pupils of Greenhead School were given an apple and orange apiece while visiting Blenkinsopp Hall for their annual treat.