A MUCH better show of fat cattle this week sold tremendously well and dearer on the week. Messrs J E Suddes & Sons, Rowley Farm, brought a fantastic run of very well fed Lim x heifers and steers selling to 268.5ppkg for heifers and 249.5ppkg for steers selling to R Pearson Wholesale Butchers, Bradford.

More clean cattle wanted for next week’s sale to meet the growing demand here at Hexham. Please don’t hesitate to call Drew with enquiries (07854 361967). We are more than happy to come and view any cattle.

Limousin x Steers -£1644.21 Rowley Farm

249.5p Rowley Farm.

Limousin x Heifers -£1637.85, £1622.21, £1602.08 Rowley Farm

268.5p, 265.5p(x2) Rowley Farm.

Charolais x Heifers - £1491.75 & £1405.28 Flotterton

229.5p &228.5p Flotterton.

Cast Cows & OTM – Less numbers about this week as they have been nationwide and as a result cow trade has lifted yet again. The handful of decent cows sold very well but yet again, the leaner poorer cows sold to extreme rates.

Lim x cows sold to 180.5ppkg from Messrs C M Dodds & Sons, West Grange. The same home broke the £1,500 barrier twice, selling to £1544.40 and £1526.50.

Limousin x - £1544.40, £1526.50, £1454.83 & £1360.61 West Grange £1132.04 & £1003 Hard Riding

180.5p, 179.5p, 177.5p & 175.5p West Grange 155.5p Gleedlee, & Hard Riding.

British Blue x £1117.01 – 169.5p Hard Riding.

Less hoggs forward on the week but another rise (20p) in the average to £3 per kilo & £139.40 per head.

Top price £161 Tedcastle & 159p Butsfield Burn (Average £151.46 for 32 sold). Hill Top sold to 362.5p & 353.7p.

More Ewes forward selling to a top of £150 from Armonside with an overall average of £113.90.

Texel x – £159, £158, £154, £151(x2) Butsfield Burn, £149 Tedcastle, £148 Blackburn, £146 Butsfield Burn, £145 Hill Top, £144 Butsfield Burn, £144, £140, £137 Blackburn, £135 Old Bridge End, £131 Blackburn, £128 Tedcastle

337.2p Hill Top, 331.8p Butsfield Burn, 311.4p Blackburn, 302.0p Butsfield Burn, 298.9p & 291.1p Blackburn, 290.6p Butsfield Burn, 290.2p Blackburn, 288.0p Butsfield Burn, 287.5p Bingfield Combe, 283.9p & 277.2p Butsfield Burn, 275.9p Tedcastle, 274.6p Butsfield Burn, 272.7p Bingfield Combe.

Beltex x- £152 Tedcastle, £145 (x2), £143, £140 Hill Top

362.5p, 353.7p, 348.8p, 318.2p Hill Top, 262.1p Tedcastle.

Suffolk x – £161 & 298.2p Tedcastle.

Cheviot x - £157 Tedcastle, £140 Bingfield Combe, £130 Armonside

274.5p Bingfield Combe, 266.1p Tedcastle, 224.1p Armonside.

Texel x – £150 & £139 Armonside, £128 (x2) Parkside, £100 Armonside.

Mule - £110 Parkside.