CLEAN cattle trade dearer on the week. A fantastic Charolais x heifer from FT Walton selling to 249.5ppkg. Limousin x heifers from the same home selling to 242.5ppkg.

Charolais x Heifers - £1422.15, £1377.00, £1287.00 Flotterton

249.5p, 229.5p & 219.5p Flotterton.

Limousin x Heifers – £1398.40 & £1359.95 Paxton Dene, £1338.60 Flotterton

242.5p Flotterton, 230.5p Paxton Dene.

The Hexham Cast Cow Train keeps steaming on with a flyer of a trade this week! The most extreme rates seen so far with 45 cows going on to average 151ppkg.

More producers travelling to take advantage of the Hexham ring with cows coming from north of Alnwick to Durham. It was cows from the west part of the county, from J & A Moralee, Hard Riding, that stole the show selling to 184.5ppkg and their second cow taking the highest grossing spot selling to £1,471.90.

British Blue x cows sold well for Mr JR Thompson, The Fawns, selling to 173.5ppkg and highest grossing British Blue x cow came from the great run of cows from Messrs JE Woodman & Sons, Great Chesters, selling to £1,397.83.

A mention must go to a lovely run of pure Simmental cows from north of the county from Messrs J Walton & Son, Rock Home Farm, Alnwick, which went on to average £1,254.33.

Native cows again selling to a premium with Angus x cows from Messrs R Rutherford & Sons, Kingswood, realising £1,381.25.

Please feel free to contact Drew if you are debating to sell any cast cattle on 07854 361967.

Angus x - £1381.25 Kingswood, £1015.88 Springwell

162.5p Kingswood, 157.5p Springwell.

British Blue - £1214.38 & 167.5p Make-Me-Rich.

British Blue x - £1397.83 Great Chesters, £1089.58 The Fawns

173.5p The Fawns, 149.5p Great Chesters.

Charolais Bull - £1254.75 & 119.5p Make-Me-Rich.

Charolais x - £1244.25 & 157.5p Springwell.

Limousin x -£1471.90 & £1402.20 Hard Riding, £1339.05, £1323.25 & £1316.00 Quarry House, £1266.55 Thornton Towers, £1260.38 & £1240.43 Great Chesters, £1204.13 Low Eshells

184.5p & 179.5p Hard Riding, 173.5p Thornton Towers, 170.5p Low Houselop, 169.5p Quarry House, 168.5p Great Chesters, 167.5p Quarry House, 166.5p Make-Me-Rich & Great Chesters, 164.5p Quarry House.

Luing x - £953.70 & 144.5p Blueburn.

Red Poll - £769.07 & 118.5p China Hall.

Simmental - £1360.41 & £1289.40 The Rock

165.5p & 153.5p The Rock.

Simmental x - £982.98 & 143.5p The Fawns.

A very mixed show of sheep forward this week with entry including a good number of heavy hoggs as well as some end of season store hoggs.

Best sorts continuing to sell well to a top of £147 from Mickley Moor & £3.00/KG from The Fawns.

Another 30 strong hoggs again this week from Butsfield Burn averaged £141.33.

Texel x – £147 Mickley Moor, £145 Butsfield Burn, £144.50 & £144 Low Eshells, £143 The Fawns, £142.50 Butsfield Burn, £142 Colepike, £141.50 & £141 Butsfield Burn, £140.50 Baal Hill, £140 Butsfield Burn & High Salmonswell, £139 Mickley Moor (x2), £138 Great Bavington, £137 Dalton Hill Head & Colepike, £136 Mickley Moor, £135 Colwell Hill, Kellah, West Shields & The Fawns (x2), £134.50 Low Eshells & The Fawns, £133.50 The Fawns, £133 Lunns House & Colepike, £131 The Fawns, £130.50 Baal Hill, £130 Colepike, £129 Dalton Hill Head, £128 West Shields & Colepike, £127 Middle Heads & The Fawns, £126.50 Baal Hill, £126 Kellah, West Shields, The Fawns & Colepike, £125.50 Great Bavington, £125 West Shields (x2) & Colepike

300.0p, 295.4p, 294.1p, 293.5p, 291.1p, 290.2p, 289.5p & 288.4p The Fawns, 287.5p West Shields & Baal Hill, 286.7p Dalton Hill Head, 286.4p Colepike, 284.2p Middle Heads, 284.1p West Shields & Colepike, 283.8p Lunns House, 283.7p Kellah, 279.6p Dalton Hill Head, 278.9p Great Bavington, 278.6p & 275.5p The Fawns, 275.0p Great Chesters, 274.4p Middle Heads, 271.9p Baal Hill, 271.7p West Shields, 271.1p Low Eshells, 269.1p Great Tosson, & West Shields, 269.0p The Fawns, 268.2p Lunns House, 268.1p Kellah & West Shields, 266.7p West Shields & Colepike, 265.4p Great Bavington, 265.3p Colepike, 264.4p High Alderheads, 263.5p Colepike, 263.4p Lunns House, 262.5p Middle Heads, 222.0p Butsfield Burn, 260.8p Colepike.

Suffolk x – £144 Baal Hill, £142.50, £141 & £138 Butsfield Burn, £136 Great Bavington, £133 Baal Hill, £124.50 Great Bavington, £124 Baal Hill, £123 & £121 Great Bavington, £120 High Alderheads & Lunns House (x2)

286.1p Great Bavington, 281.8p Baal Hill, 276.7p & 275.0p Great Bavington, 260.8p Baal Hill, 260.4p Butsfield Burn, 258.9p High Alderheads, 256.69 Great Bavington, 255.3p High Alderheads.

Beltex x - £139 & £137 St Oswalds

268.6p & 262.3p St Oswalds.

Charollais x - £142, £137.50 & £131 Dalton Hill Head

272.9p, & 264.4p Dalton Hill Head.

Mule – £131 Kellah & Baal Hill, £123 Colwell Hill, £122.50 & £110 Great Chesters

278.4p Great Chesters, 269.2p Baal Hill, 261.9p Great Chesters, 261.7p Colwell Hill, 255.3p Kellah, 247.2p Baal Hill, 240.3p Great Tosson.

Blackface - £130 Kellah, £120.50 Great Chesters

280.2p Great Cheaters, 260.0p & 251.4p Great Tosson, 241.0p Great Tosson Cottages.

Swaledale- £111 Colwell Hill, £100 Baal Hill

250.0p Colwell Hill, 243.9p Baal Hill.

Texel x - £106 High Salmonswell.

Charollais x - £95 Dalton Hill Head.

Zwartbles x - £100 High Salmonswell.

Leicester - £80 Kellah.