PETROL PRICES: Drivers in Tynedale were paying more for their fuel than virtually anywhere in the UK - a Courant survey revealed that it cost around £8 more to fill the tank of a family car in Tynedale than in Tyneside.

CRASH LANDING: Hexham pilot John Gregson had a luck escape when his 70-year-old vintage aircraft burst into flames on landing at Eshott Airfield near Felton.

LOTTERY WINNERS: A Prudhoe family received a £1 million Christmas present from the National Lottery, it emerged - but said they would continue to buy their clothes from Matalan!

TOP HONOURS: The Hexham Courant was once again the most successful weekly newspaper at the North-East Press Awards, with wins in the Weekly Journalist of the Year and North-East Magazine of the Year along with several other shortlists.


RAILWAY REOPENING: Trains could once again be running on the old Border Counties Railway Line, it was reported, if proposals to transport timber from Kielder went ahead.

STEPPING DOWN: Mr Ronnie Turnbull stepped down as editor of the Hexham Courant after leading the paper for 12 years. Mr Fuller was only the sixth editor in the newspaper's 132-year history, and was replaced by Eve Fuller.

SOMETHING FISHY: A major investigation carried out by the National Rivers Authority found that the thousands of salmon which were found dead in the River Tyne over the previous seven years were killed by disease brought on by stress through heavy pollution.

GATES GONE: A Riding Mill farmer warned that thieves who stole two of his farm gates could have caused a fatal accident. Mr Jack White had seen 12 gates stolen since December.


WOODBURN CRASH: When a car careered into the front of a travelling shop in West Woodburn, the shopkeeper and the customer being served at the back of the shop were hurled over a stone wall and left in hospital. The driver was uninjured.

SNOW TROUBLE: Allendale Parish Council sought co-operation from the police to prevent skiers from blocking the roads in the Allenheads area.

D-DAY DAWNS: Robbs store advertised that from February 1, decimal prices would be displayed on all goods. Shoppers could still pay in old money, but the store said the new prices would give customers a chance to "think decimal."


JOLLY SAILOR: Star performer at the old people's treat at Hexham was 73-year-old Ernest Flaherty, an old sailor who dazzled the pensioners with his memory and fine touch. Mr Thomas Reed, 84, was the oldest pensioner at the treat.

LITTLE DEVILS: Two children searching for toys in their home at Foundary Cottages, Hexham, were believed to have started a fire. It was brought under control by the NFS detachment, but not before considerable damage had been caused.

AINTREE BOUND: Major Ian Straker of the Leazes, Hexham, a member of the National Hunt Committee and former Master of the Tynedale Foxhounds, entered his horse Barricade in the Grand National.


FOX ALERT: Foxes were said to be increasing in numbers in the Kirkheaton and Capheaton districts, with eight being counted around farm in a week.

MICKLEY MOAN: Hexham Association Football Club were attacked by Mickley players who were upset by the poor standard of changing accommodation offered by the club.

BRIDGE WARNING: It was reported that Smithy Bridge in Haltwhistle was in a bad state, and that the public were warned that using the bridge in the dark could result in injury.

LOOKING AHEAD: A spiritualistic meeting was held in the Co-operative Reading Room in Corbridge, which was followed b clairvoyance that was enjoyed by all.


FANCY THAT!: Alston poultry show proved to be a great success, and the pgeson class was particularly commended. Although the number of entries was not as high as in 1895, the overall standard was said to be much better.

WORKING HARD: A report in the master's book at Hexham Workhouse revealed that the number of inmates had dropped by 15 to 135 over the same period of 1895.

ROPE MONEY: Chairman of the Hexham Fire Brigagde Committee, Mr E. Heslop, revealed that the rope recently obtained was of inferior quality and not according to sample.


WEDDING STOPPED: A young man of 18 was due to get married. The wedding party had entered the church, when the mother of the bridegroom, an Irishwoman bearing a huge crucifix, suddenly appeared, causing the groom turn tail to run away and leaving his bride in the lurch.