AN increased number of clean heifers met a straight trade with Limousin x heifers from M/s TL Forster & Son, Lowes Fell, selling to 227.5p/kg.

Highest grossing heifer came from Mr FT Walton, Flotterton, with a well-fleshed Charolais x selling to £1341.00.

Limousin Heifers – £1260.35 Lowes Fell, £1258.56 Flotterton, £1233.49 & £1185.25 Lowes Fell

227.5p & 225.5p Lowes Fell, 218.5p Flotterton, 215.5p Lowes Fell.

Charolais Heifers – £1341, £1318.23, £1278.23, £1278.13 & £1242.34 Flotterton

226.5p, 223.5p, 218.5p, 209.5p & 204.5p Flotterton.

A smaller entry of cows for the final sale before Christmas, and this year, met a dearer trade especially for the show on offer.

A lot of lean cows forward which were in high demand with some very lean, sold, ladies selling to 110-115p/kg.

Top grossing cow came from M/s P&PM Walker, Houselope Grange, Tow Law, with a Limousin x cow selling to £1264.84 and 153.5p/kg.

Top price OTM heifer was an Angus x heifer selling to £1398.27.

Our next Cast and Prime cattle sale will be on January 5.

On behalf of the company, I would like to thank all vendors and purchasers for their continued support throughout the year and have a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Limousin – £1264.84 Houselope Grange, £964.76 Edges Green, £860.48 Hedley Park

153.5p Houselope Grange, 135.5p Edges Green, 127.5p The Tofts, 123.5p Rosehill.

Angus (OTM) -£1398.27, £1313.69 Flotterton

191.5p & 190.5p Flotterton.

Angus - £1107.54 Flotterton

146.5p Flotterton, 121.5p The Tofts.

Angus Bull - £1057.95 & 90.5p Middle White Hill.

British Blue (OTM) – £1147.01 & 179.5p The Tofts.

Simmental - £1016.25 & 135.5p High Fotherley.

Blonde - £1040.40 & 144.5p Houselope Grange.

Beef Shorthorn - £847.30 & 114.5p Hedley Park.

Hereford - £857.17 The Brigg, £652.53 & £615.57 Haining Head

125.5p The Brigg, 107.5p & 106.5p Haining Head.

A smaller number of lambs this week due partly to uncertainty over lockdowns, port problems etc.

However with purchasers very keen for lambs all classes were easily sold and 9p dearer on the week.

Texel x – £110 The Cartshed, £109 Glenhill, £108 Quarry House, £106 Quarry House & Whitchester, £105 Chesters & Old Town, £104 Quarry House, Chesters & Bensons Fell, £103 Bensons Fell, £101.50 Springwell Cottage, £101 Chesters, £100.50 High Eshells & Springwell Cottage, £100 Woodcroft, Chesters, Old Town, Springwell Cottage, Low Eshells, Aydonshields (x2), West Shields, The Cartshed & Whitchester (x2), £99.50 Springwell Cottage, Low Eshells & Aydonshields, £99 Hedley Park, East Greenridge, Woodcroft, Glenhill & Whitchester, £98.50 Hedley Park, Springwell Cottage, Aydonshields & Whitchester, £98 Grange House, Springwell Cottage, Low Eshells & West Shields, £97.50 High Eshells, East Greenridge (x2), Grange House & West Shields (x2), £97 High Eshells, £95.50 West Shields

235.7p East Greenridge, 234p The Cartshed, 229.5p Woodcroft, 227.3p Whitchester, 226.2p East Greenridge, 225.6p Hedley Park, 225p Chesters & East Newham, 224.4p East Greenridge, 223.9p Hedley Park, 223.8p Grange House, 222.7p West Shields, 222.4p Satley, 222.2p Aydonshields, 221.6p East Greenridge, 221.4p Low Eshells & Grange House, 221.3p Satley & Quarry House, 221.1p Aydonshields & Springwell Cottage, 220.2p Woodcroft, 219.1p Whitchester (x2), 218.5p Springwell Cottage, 216.7p High Eshells & East Greenridge, 215.9p West Shields, 215.2p Hedley Park, 214.1p Whitchester, 213.9p Stoop Rigg, 213.1p East Newham, 213p Springwell Cottage, 212.8p The Cartshed & Whitchester.

Suffolk x – £110, £108 & £103 Old Town, £101.50 Whitchester, £100 The Cartshed, £98 & £94.50 East Newham, £93 The Cartshed

213p East Newham, 207.7p Satley, 196.9p East Newham, 189.8p & 185.2p The Cartshed, 184.6p Whitchester.

Beltex x – £112 & 215.4p Quarry House.

Charollais x – £100 Woodcroft, £95.50 East Newham

211p & 207.6p East Newham, 196.1p Woodcroft.

Cheviot x- £97 & £96.50 Flotterton, £93 & £91 The Cartshed, £88.50 Flotterton

222p The Cartshed, 215.9p, 3215.6p & 214.4p Flotterton, 197.4p Satley, 193.8p The Cartshed.

Mule –£99 & £95 Quarry House, £94 Quarry House & Great Chesters, £88.50 West Shields

204.4p Great Chesters, 202.6p Stoop Rigg, 191.8p & 190p Quarry House, 188.3p West Shields.

Blackface -£90.50 Great Chesters, £85.50 & £83 Stoop Rigg

219.2p & 218.4p Stoop Rigg, 196.7p Great Chesters.

Swaledale - £72 & 167.4p Woodcroft.

C&D Auction Marts Limited had forward 5,272 sheep, comprising of 2,738 prime lambs, 692 store lambs and 1,842 cast ewes & rams at their weekly sale at Longtown on Tuesday, December 22.

A seasonal show of 2,738 prime lambs was forward to a ring full of purchasers very eager for supplies, ensuring all classes selling to the dearest trade of the season.

Export & light lambs 30-42kg were the trade of the day, seeing a good rise of 13ppk on the week. Topping the sale was a pen of Beltex lambs realising 272ppk consigned by M/s MJ Lawson, Pasture House, Bolton, Low Houses. Top price per head of £118 for Texel lambs shown by WJ & JG Bell, Kinninghall, Hawick, and for Suffolks from RJ Nixon, Hallees, Longtown.

Heavy lambs continue to sell well, being slightly firmer on the week. Commercial export lambs traded between 235– 245p with no let up. All classes continue to sell well, and numbers are keenly sought after for the next sale.

Light lambs being very dear. Topping at 272ppk was a pen of expertly finished Beltex lambs consigned by Messrs MJ Lawson, Pasture House. Blackface lambs topped at 240ppk consigned by J & T Scott, Garchew, Wigtownshire. Cheviot lambs topped at 241ppk consigned by Messrs G Brodie, Cadgillhead, Canonbie.

For further advice on marketing your livestock, please do not hesitate to contact our auctioneers:

John Walton 07880527066

Nick Woodmass 07584200489

Sam Hogg 07584207323

Norman Douglas 07786366833

Neil McCleary 07771685073


Beltex 272p Pasture House, 266p, 262p, 257p Watch Currock, 257p Waltonwoodhead, 255p, 254p Langdyke Cottage, 253p Waterside, 248p Warmanbie House & Broomhills.

Texel 257p Cadgillhead, 253p Pasture House, 250p Waterside, 249p Cadgillhead, 249p, 247p Pasture House, 244p Waterside, 242p Breckon Hill, Dale House & Cheeseburn Grange Hall.

Suffolk 243p Garchew, 232p Canina Gardens, 229p Dale House, 225p Ryehills & Tinnishall, 223p Minsca & Dunjop, 222p Woodhouse, 220p Brisco Meadows.

Herdwick 243p Breckon Hill.

Cheviot 241p Cadgillhead, 239p Langyke Cottage, 236p Chapel, 232p Catslackburn, 225p Canina Gardens & Roughet Hill, 220p Effgill.

Charollais 241p, 223p Mains of Collin, 223p Tinnishall, 215p Porteath, 210p Tinnishall.

Blackface 240p, 238p Garchew, 230p Hole Farm & Roughet Hill, 225p Todsykehead, 220p Roughet Hill, 218p Garchew, 215p Longrigg, Chapel & Hole Farm.

Kerry Hill 229p Paradise Farm, 214p Todsykehead.

Mule 228p, 215p Roughet Hill, 211p Hole Farm, 210p Nunscleugh, 208p Paradise Farm, Pasture House & Minsca.

Cheviot Mule 221p Brisco Meadows.

Swaledale 214p Westernhopeburn, 200p Longrigg.


Texel £118 Kinninghall, £115 Bombie, £114 Roughet Hill, £110 High Mossthorn, Kilnford Croft & Lingey Field, £109.50, £109 Hyde Park, £108.50 Lingey Field, £108 High Glen Triplock.

Suffolk £118 Hallees, £114, £109.50, £108 Hyde Park, £108 High Glen Triplock, £106 Hyde Park,

£103, £102.50 Dunjop.

Beltex £110 Langdyke Cottage & Watch Currock, £109 Cheeseburn Grange Hall, £108.50 Lingey Field, £107 Causey View & Langdyke

Cottage, £106.50 Lingey Field & Tinnishall, £106 Watch Currock & Waltonwoodhead.

Charollais £104 Flex, £103 Tinnishall, £100 Rigg Garth & Nether Stenries.

Mule £101 Todsykehead, £99.50 Dunjop, £99 Nunscleugh, £97 Roughet Hill, £96 Dunjop, £95.50 Westernhopeburn & Hole Farm, £95 Archerbeck.

Cheviot £98 Brisco Meadows & Kilnford Croft, £95.50 Paradise Farm, £94.50 Roughet Hill, Effgill & Glendearg, £94 Cadgillhead, £92 Chapel & Laundry Cottage.

Blackface £95 Hole Farm, £94.50 Roughet Hill, £92.50 Hole Farm, £92 Roughet Hill.

Cheviot Mule £90.50 Brisco Meadows.

Kerry Hill £90 Riggshield & Todsykehead.

A small entry of 1,842 cast ewes and rams. A smaller show of ewes sold well, with plain ewes in big demand whilst heavy ewes slightly easier on last weeks blistering rates. More are required to fulfill demand as numbers tighten nationally.

Heavy ewes topped the sale at £170 for Pure Bred Texel ewes shown by DC Houldey, Kirtleton House, Waterbeck, and from GD Wilson, Hawthornside, Hawick.

Mule ewes remain a big trade topping at £100 from JE & BL Goddard, Frankstown, Longtown.

Hill ewes to £87 for a pen of twenty Blackface ewes consigned by J Browell & Sons, Quarry House, Hexham.

Rams sold to £138 for Texels from KJ & CS Wilson, Wood Farm, Thursby.


Texel £170 Kirtleton House & Hawthornside, £168 Quarry House, Pasture House & Chaseside, £166 Quarry House, £164 Allfornaught, £163 Waterside, £156 Home Farm, £155 Kinninghall, £152 Quarry House.

Suffolk £140, £118 Beckfoot, £112 Longyester & High Glen Triplock, £109 Rottington Hall, Home Farm & Chaseside, £108 Beckfoot, £106 Home Farm, £105 High Glen Triplock.

Charollais £138, £113, £112 Beckfoot.

Beltex £128 Home Farm.

North Country Cheviot £116 Home Farm, £108 Beckfoot, £105 Millriggs.

Mule £100 Frankstown, £98 Longyester, £95 Millriggs, £94 High Glen Triplock, £90 Cardon, £88 Broomhill & Rottington Hall, £87 Allfornaught & Whitegates.

Cheviot Mule £92 Marygate.


Blackface £87, £82 Quarry House, £80 Winterhope, £76 Waterside, £74 Lower Craggs.

Cheviot £85, £79, £78 Millriggs, £79 Winterhope, £77 Home Farm, £75 Hawthornside & Winterhope, £74 Whitegates, £71 Millriggs.

Easycare £69 Home Farm, £65, £62 Villa View.

Swaledale £59 Reaygarth, £57 Westernhopeburn, £55 Woodhouse.


Texel £138 Wood Farm, £132 Chaseside, £130 Beckfoot, £120 North House, £112 High Glen Triplock, £110 Waterside.

Charollais £132 Chaseside, £124 Wilseydown.

Suffolk £124 Longyester, £118 North House.

Beltex £122 Glendearg & Wood Farm.

Cheviot £116 North House, £114, £104 Glendearg.



Light to 238.0p (210.3p)

Standard to 272.0p (236.8p)

Medium to 262.0p (229.4p)

Heavy to 232.0p (209.6p)

Overweight to 215.0p (193.1p)


Light to £87.00 (£61.58)

Heavy to £170.00 (£94.05)

Rams to £138.00 (£84.61)