IT has been a busy period for the district's all-important auction mart, based in the heart of the Tyne Valley. 

Here's the latest frices from Hexham and Auction Mart. 

Prize Show

Best Steer or Heifer (YFC Member)

First Prize: M Statton – High Highlaws, Tritlington YFC - Limousin x Heifer 289.5p/kg

Second Prize: R Graham – Miller Hill, Brampton YFC - Limousin x Steer 247.5p/kg

Limousin x Heifer

First Prize: Hard Riding - 275.5p/kg

Second Prize: Glebe Farm - 269.5p/kg

Limousin x Steer

First Prize: Miller Hill – 249.5p/kg

Second Prize: Lough Green – 264.5p/kg

British Blue x Heifer

First Prize: High Highlaw (Champion) 309.5p/kg

Second Prize: Lough Green – 261.5p/kg

British Blue x Steer

First Prize: Paxton Dene – 221.5p/kg

Other Continental x Steer

First Prize: Flotterton – 227.5p/kg

Second Prize: Barker House – 248.5p/kg

Other Continental x Heifer

First Prize: Flotterton – 243.5p/kg

Second Prize: Miller Hill – 245.5p/kg

Native Breed Steer or Heifer

First Prize: Barker House – 225.5p/kg

Second Prize: The Stobbs – 213.5p/kg

Male Champion

M/s Graham, Miller Hill – Limousin x Steer - 249.5p/kg to R Pearson

Reserve – M/s Davison, Lough Green – 264.5p/kg to R Pearson

Female Champion

M/s Renton, High Highlaws – British Blue x – 309.5p/kg to JD Hall Family Butchers

Reserve – Ms Moralee, Hard Riding – 277.5p/kg to Thompson Wholesale Meat Ltd

Supreme Overall Champion

M/s Renton, High Highlaws – British Blue Heifer to JD Hall, Family Butchers

Reserve Champion

M/s Graham, Miller Hill – Limousin x Steer to R. Pearson, Bradford

Limousin Heifers – £1552.95 Rowley Farm, £1528.07 Glebe Farm, £1481.19 Rowley, £1443.62 Hard Riding, £1411.51 West Wharmley, £1408.53 Lough Green, £1404.46 Hard Riding, £1403.06 Paxton Dene

275.5p Hard Riding, 273.5p Lough Green, 269.5p Glebe Farm, 266.5p Hard Riding, 256.5p Paxton Dene, 254.5p Rowley, 251.5p Paxton Dene.

Limousin Steers - £1646.70 & £1527.08 Miller Hill, £1409.79 Lough Green

264.5p Lough Green, 249.5p & 247.5p Miller Hill.

Charolais Heifers – £1599.80 Flotterton, £1459.50 West Wharmley

254.5p & 249.5p Rowley.

Charolais Steers - £1625.19 Barker House, £1584.62, £1560.34, £1540.18,Flotterton

248.5p Barker House, 227.5p (x2) & 223.5pFlotterton.

British Blue Heifers - £1945.44 & £1658.92 High Highlaws, £1490.55 Lough Green

309.5p & 289.5p High Highlaws, 261.5p Lough Green.

British Blue Steers - £1417.60 & 221.5p Paxton Dene.

Angus Heifers - £1312.41 Barker House, £1230.48 & £1221.22 The Stobbs, £1209.78 Barker House

225.5p & 214.5p Barker House.

Blonde Heifers - £1283.97 & 245.5p Miller Hill.

Beef Shorthorn Heifers - £1166.17 & 210.5p Miller Hill.

An increase in cow numbers this week with a lot of hill cows present. Trade just as strong as the previous week, maybe a touch dearer. The 43 cows went to average 122.5p/kg

Highest grossing cow was a Luing cow from M/s G Roddam & Partners, Blackcarts, which realised £1187.55.

Highest p/kg cow on the day was a British Blue from High Warden which sold for 181.5p/kg.

First Prize: Halton Red House

Second Prize: Rusheylaw

Limousin – £1146.04 Burntongues, £1121.25 Midgeholme, £1118.70 West Wharmley, £1093.13 Halton Red House, £1061.97 Rusheylaw

169.5p West Wharmley, 155.5p Burntongues, 149.5p Midgeholme, 145.5p Bowershield, 141.5p Burntongues.

Angus -£1119.20 Grange Farm, £919.19 Catcherside, £881.91 Grange Farm, £835.07 Pottsdurtrees

178.5p Grange Farm, 119.5p The Stobbs & Grange Farm.

British Blue – £1103.52 High Warden, £1033.87 Hawksteel, £841.58 Pitland Hills, £823.99 Parmontley Hall

181.5p High Warden, 135.5p Hawksteel, 122.5p Pitland Hills, 111.5p Parmontley Hall.

Beef Shorthorn - £882.09 & 121.5p Catcherside.

Luing - £1187.55, £1101.25, £987.90, £884.30 & £867.79 Blackcarts

136.5p, 133.5p, 128.5p, 126.5p & 119.5p Blackcarts.

Hereford - £947.85 & £881.91 Three Farms

117.5p & 116.5p Three Farms.

A total of 1,358 lambs forward, and lambs outwith the show sheep sold very well to a top of £118 from Low Eshells and 279.5p Thornton Tower with all classes sharper and easy to sell.

The Champion lambs in the show, which was kindly judged by Mr Jamie Curle, were the Beltex x from Messrs Beveridge, Low West House, Tow Law, and were sold for £160 (333.3p) to Mr Tony Green for his Penshaw Farm Butchers, in Houghton le Spring.

Reserve Champion also went to Messrs Beveridge for their pen of Dutch Texel crosses which also sold to Mr Tony Green for £142 (322.7p)

5 Texel Lambs

First Prize: St Oswalds

Second Prize: Aydonshields

5 Dutch Texel Lambs

First Prize: Low West House

Second Prize: St Oswalds

5 Beltex Lambs

First Prize: Low West House

Second Prize: St Oswalds

5 Continental Lambs

First Prize: St Oswalds

5 Suffolk Lambs

First Prize: St Oswalds

Second Prize: Flotterton

5 Hill Lambs

First Prize: Flotterton

Second Prize: Flotterton

Champion Pen

M/s Beveridge, Low West House – Beltex

Reserve Champion Pen

M/s Beveridge, Low West House – Dutch Texel

Texel x – £118 Low Eshells, £116 Harwood Shield, £114 Low Eshells & Watch Currock, £112 St Oswalds, £111 Comb Hills, £110.50 Chesters, £110 Old Town, £109.50 Chesters, £109 Chesters, Thornton Tower & Aydonshields, £108 High Eshells, Watch Currock, Milbourne High House & Blackburn, £107.50 Chesters, £107 Chesters, Blackburn & Old Town, £106 Watch Currock, Thockrington & Old Town, £105.50 Milbourne Town Farm, £105 Low Eshells & Palm Strothers, £104.50 St Oswalds, £104 Slaterfield Fell, Chesters, Cheeseburn Grange & West Shields, £103.50 Thockrington & Old Town, £103 Low Eshells, Baal Hill, Cheeseburn Grange & West Shields, £102.50 Willimoteswick & Aydonshields, £102 Whitchester & Blackburn, £101.50 Bingfield Combe, Aydonshields, Tenter House, Low Brooms & Springwell, £101West Shields, £100 High Eshells, Willimoteswick (x2), Little Swinburne (x2), Low Eshells, Low Brooms, Springwell, Milbourne Town Farm, Warksfield Head & Cheeseburn Grange (x2), £99.50 Aydonshields, Hedley Park (x2), Watch Currock & Cheeseburn Grange, £99 Watch Currock, Comb Hills & Thornton Tower, £98.50 New Dotland, Whitchester, Partridge Nest, Blackburn & Lunns House, £98 Low Staples, Chesters & Thockrington, £97.50 Hedley Park (x2), £97 Milbourne High House, £96.50 Little Swinburne, Whitchester & Comb Hills, £96 High Eshells & Whitchester, £95.50 Satley

279.5p Thornton Tower, 271.4p Watch Currock, 261p Blackburn, 260.5p St Oswalds, 257.1p Watch Currock, 253.5p Aydonshields, 250p Cheeseburn Grange, 247.6p Chesters, 243p St Oswalds, 241.3p Little Swinburne, 241p Palm Strothers, 238.1p Little Swinburne (x2), 233.3p Satley, 231.7p Thornton Tower, ,228.8p Low Brooms & Springwell, 227.5p Woodcroft, 227.3p Warksfield Head, 225.6p Chesters, Springwell & Aydonshields, 225p Watch Currock, 223.3p High Eshells, 222.2p Springwell & Watch Currock, 221.4p Little Swinburne, 220.7P Low Brooms, 220.2p Comb Hills, 220p Chesters, 219.8p Low Staples (x2) & West Shields, 219.3p Whitchester, 219.2p Partridge Nest, 219.1p Hedley Park & Cheeseburn Grange, 218.9p Partridge Nest, 218.6p Milbourne Town Farm, 218.1p Willimoteswick, 217.9p New Dotland, 217.8p Low Staples, 217.4p High Eshells, 217.1p Milbourne High House, 216.7p Hedley Park, 216.3p Aydonshields, Partridge Nest & Cheeseburn Grange, 215.9p Allenshields & Springwell, 215.1p Cheeseburn Grange, Partridge Nest & Milbourne Town Farm.

Dutch Texel x – £142 Low West House, £108 St Oswalds

322.7p Low West House, 229.8p St Oswalds.

Suffolk x – £116 New Dotland, £107.50 St Oswalds,

£105.50 Old Town, £105 Low Eshells, £104.50 Thockrington, £104 Flotterton, Lunns House & Baal Hill (x2), £103.50 Thockrington, £103 St Oswalds, Whitchester, Thockrington & Flotterton, £102.50 & £101.50 New Dotland, £100 Lunns House, £97 Thockrington, £93 & £90 (x2) Lunns House

216p, 215.9p & 213.5p New Dotland, 208p Baal Hill, 206.7p Lunns House, 206.1p Thockrington, 205.8p Satley, 204.1p Lunns House, 203.9p Baal Hill, 202.1p Thockrington, 202p St Oswalds & Whitchester, 200p Lunns House, 196.2p Flotterton, 195.7p Lunns House (x2), 195.5p St Oswalds, 195.3p Thockrington, 194.4p Low Eshells, 194.3p Thockrington

Beltex x – £160 Low West House, £115 St Oswalds, £103 Little Swinburne, £99 St Oswalds (x2), £94 Little Swinburne, £91 Woodcroft

333.3p Low West House, 261.4p St Oswalds, 251.2p Little Swinburne, 247.5p & 235.7p St Oswalds, 229.3p Little Swinburne, 227.5p Woodcroft

Charollais x – £96.50 Cheeseburn Grange 209.5p Fairspring, 205.3p Cheeseburn Grange

Leicester - £107 Allenshields, £105.50 & £100 Harwood Shield

175.4p & 164.8p Harwood Shield, 155.1p Allenshields

Kerry Hill - £77 & 192.5p Comb Hills

Cheviot x- £106.50, £102.50 & £99.50 Flotterton, £95 Bingfield Combe, £93.50 Flotterton

212.5p & 211.7p Flotterton, 211.1p Bingfield Combe, 209.2p & 193.6p


NC Cheviot - £105.50 & £103 Flotterton, £96 Bingfield Combe

214.6p & 206.9p Flotterton, 195.9p Bingfield Combe

SC Cheviot - £108.50 & 204.7p Flotterton

Cheviot Mule - £106 & 186p Flotterton

Mule – £98.50 Warksfield Head, £96.50 Springwell, £94 West Shields, £93 Tenter House, £91.50 Allenshields

206.7p Tenter House, 205.2p Warksfield Head, 203.3p Allenshields, 200p West Shields, 198.9p Allenshields, 196.9p Springwell

Blackface -£89.50 & 208.1p Warksfield Head

Swaledale - £75 & £163p Woodcroft

Jacob - £70 & 166.7p Low Brooms

Herdwick - £74 & 189.7p Comb Hills

Crossbred - £115 & 255.6p St Oswalds

Cast Ewes and Rams

Texel x –£95 Old Town, £90 Satley

Zwartbles - £50 Fairspring

Mule – £60 Old Town

Herdwick – £30 Fairspring