On Friday, Hexham and Northern Auction Marts held a Store Cattle, Sheep and Cast Cattle sale.

Cast Cattle met strong demand again with a large ring full of buyers.

Topping the sale was a tremendous Angus cow from F T Walton, Flotterton making £1206.94. Top Pence Per kilo went to the Willey family, Broomfield with a younger beast making 145.5ppk.

Next sale of Cast Cattle and Clean cattle will be on Tuesday 5th May.

Contact Jack on 07739 440457 for entries and enquires.

Leading Prices

Blond d’Aquitaine

Middle Heads £786.31.

Middle heads 119.5p.

British Blue x

Middle Heads £762.58.

Middle Heads 117.5p.

British Blue

Brownsleazes £903.60.

Brownsleazes 125.5p.

Long Horn

Broomfield £773.81.

Broomfield 118.5p.


Broomfield Farm £969.03.

Broomfield Farm 145.5p.

Aberdeen Angus

Flotterton £1206.94, Lakewod £935.00,West Shields £901.60, £873.05, £832.28.

West Shields 122.5p, Flotterton 121.5p, West Shields 120.5p, 117.5p.


High Alderheads £958.230, Flotterton £935.55, £932.91, Springwell Cottage £907.63, White House£890.18, Flotterton £859.68, Whitehouse £789.70.

High Alderheads 136.5p Springwell Cottage 132.5p White House 124.5p,122.5p.


Broomfield farm £1091.40.

Broomfield farm 127.5p.

South Devon

The Deans £837.68, £795.34.

The Deans 127.5p,123.5p.

Simmental x

The Brigg £825.65.

The Brigg 122.5p.

Store Cattle

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly sale of store cattle under the strict operating guidelines set out by The Livestock Auctioneers Association to combat the spread of Covid-19 and a highly successful sale of 339 head ensued.

An increased throughput of both quality and quantity met with increased demand and the result was a highly satisfactory trade throughout for all classes.

The sale peaked at £1300 twice; both times for Angus cross cattle and both from Messrs Walton, Flotterton – the first a powerful bullock which was followed by a stylish, sleek black heifer, both sired by a registered Angus stock bull and both purchased by Tony Green for his flourishing farm shop operation at Penshaw Monument, Houghton-le-Spring.

Continental cattle peaked at £1250 for a Charolais cross steer from the same home whilst heifer trade peaked at £1230 for a super black Limousin cross lady at 18 months of age from Messrs Thompson, Springwell Cottage, Tow Law.

With the month of May fast approaching trade for yearling cattle ideally suited to summer grazing has improved of late and this class peaked at £1160 for a super Limmy cross heifer from Ian Potts, Redburn, Rookhope with bullocks following at £1100 for a similar sort from Ken Robinson, Warksfieldhead. Native breed yearlings peaked at £1040 for an Angus cross steer from Messrs Hall, East Butsfield and this class too saw a lift on the week.

With the traditional May sales beginning next week the auctioneers would welcome enquiries from both potential vendors and purchasers alike with a view to trading as many cattle as may be required for the grass and to keep numbers in the system to ensure a sustainable food chain during these difficult and unprecedented times. In-line with government guidelines the company has taken the decision to cancel the May prize show of cattle however buyers remain keen for cattle and vendors are urged to enter cattle for the sale on Friday 1st May by 10:30am on Monday 27th April. Entries should be directed to the Mart Offices on 01434 605444 or over the weekend to any of our team of auctioneers on their personal mobile phone numbers as they work from home

Leading prices

Aberdeen Angus

Woodwell House £910.00.

Aberdeen Angus x

Flotterton £1300.00 (x2), Woodmass £1260.00, Aydonshields £1250.00, Howard House £1230.00, £1160.00,£1140.00, Stoop Rigg £1040.00, East Butsfield £1040.00,£1000.00 (x2), Stoop Rigg £990.00, Allendale Farm £990.00, Lee Hall Farm £990.00.

British Blue

South Farm £1080.00, Light Birks £1080.00, Woodwell House £1075.00, light Banks £1045.00, Warksfield Head £1015.00, Light Birks £980.00 (x2), Warksfield Head £965.00, Errington Farm £945.00,£940.00, £920.00,£915.00.

Charolais X

Flotterton £1250.00, £1240.00, £1230.00, Rare Dean Farm £1185.00, South East Farm £1170.00, South East Farm £1160.00, Hallbankgate Farm £1140.00,£1110.00,Rare Dean Farm £1100.00.


Hallbankgate Farm £1210.00, Thrunton £915.00, Cooper House £850.00.


Broomfield Farm £890.00.

Hereford X

Aydonshields £1160.00.


Springwell Cottage £1230.00,White House Farm £1200.00, Springwell Cottage £1200.00, South East Farm £1180.00, White House Farm £1180.00 , South East Farm £1070.00, Sweethope £1165.00, South East Farm £1155.00,£1150.00, White House Farm £1140.00, Broomfield Farm £1135.00, Lunns House £1130.00 (x2).

Simmental X

Howard House £1190.00, Stoop Rigg £1130.00, Broomfield Farm £1045.00,£1040.00, Stoop Rigg £960.00,£950.00,£945.00.

Store Sheep

A large show of Cast Ewes and Rams met a strong trade with the leaner ewes looking the dearest of the week.

Big strong ewes topped at £136 on two occasions firstly from Mr W D Howard, Springwood Farm for 4 Texel ewes with a Texel tup from Messrs G Carins and Partners, Broomhall hitting the same price.

Blackface ewes topped at £90 from Mr Yeats, Cleughfoot.

More wanted for next week. Contact Jack on 07739 440457

Cast Ewes

Texel Tup

Broomhall £136.00,£112.00, Springwell Cottage £88.00.

Texel x

Springwood Farm £136.00, West Heddon Farm £130.00, Broomhall £120.00,Rye Hill £118.00,The Lees Farm £118.00, Highford farm £116.00, Rusheylaw £116.00, Comb Hill £114.00, The Tofts £112.00, Springwell Cottage £110.00,Black Callerton £106.00, Holly Hill West £102.00, Broomhall £102.00, Humber Hill £100.00, Springwood farm £98.00, East Wharmley £98.00, West Shields £96.00, Steel Hall £92.00,£90.00.


Sanders Close £112.00,£107.00, Stell Green £98.00,Round Meadows £98.00, Round Meadows £84.00.


West Shields £95.00, Rusheylaw £92.00, City of Sunderland College £90.00, West Shields £90.00, The Tofts £89.00, Thornley Tow Law £88.00, Broomhall Farm £88.00, Springwell Cottage £86.00, East Wharmley £85.00, Chesterwood £81.00, Springwell Cottage £80.00.


New Doltand £128.00

Suffolk x

West Wharmley £110.00,High Alderheads £107.00, Hownsgill Farm £100.00, Broomhall £96.00.


Comb Hills £96.00


Cleughfoot £90.00, West Shields £84.00,Holly Hill West £74.00, Broomhall £74.00, Stell Green £71.00, New Dotland £64.00.


Round Meadows £82.00,The Wham £78.00, South View £70.00, South View £69.00, Glenhill Farm £66.00, The Wham £59.00, Chesterwood Farm £55.00, East Unthank £55.00.


Humber Hill £79.00.


Brockalee £70.00.


East Wharmley £50.00.

Store Hoggs

All hoggs met increased demand with both smaller and heavy hoggs saw the biggest jump.

Topping the sale was a pen of 11 Texel x hoggs from, Geoff Ogle, Blackburn making £103.

Vendors are encouraged to enter stock by 11am on Monday 27th by either phoning Jack on 07739 440457 or the office 01434 605444.

Sale of Breeding Sheep will recommence on Tuesday 5th May following sales of Cast Cows and Clean Cattle. Entries invited for catalogues, 11am Thursday 30th April.

Contact Jack on 07739 440457 or the office on 01434 605444 for entries and enquires


Chathill £91.00.

Suffolk x

Broomfield Farm £99.00, New Dotland £98.00, Humber Hill £97.00,£90.00, West Link Hall £73.00, £67.00.

Texel x

Blackburn £103.00, West Shields £100.00, New Dotland £100.00, HumberHill £100.00, West Shields £99.00, Humber Hill £98.00, Comb Hill £95.00, Rye Hill £90.00, Low Staples £89.00, Crescent Farm £81.00, Grange Farm £80.00, Humber Hill £79.00.


East Unthank £87.00,Stell Green £85.00, Holywell Farm £84.00, Buckshot £83.00,Broomhall £80.00, Buckshot £75.00.


Stell Green £95.00,£87.00, New Dotland £80.00, Stell Green £72.00, £67.00, Broomhall Farm £67.00.


Round Meadows £86.00, Glenhill Farm £81.00, Buckshot £64.00.


East Farm £80.00, Brockalee £68.00.