At Hexham and Auction Marts last Friday, a good show of Cast Cattle met keen demand selling to a very large ring of buyers.

Messrs Crowhall topped the sale at £999.95 for a smart Limousin Cow and with a young beast, selling to 159.5ppk.

More urgently wanted to meet purchaser demand, contact Jack 07739440457.

British Blue x

Old Deanham £919.45 Crowhall £913.94,Dukesfield Hall £823.65,China Hall £802.90, Old Deanham 159.5p Crowhall 129.5p Dukesfield Hall129.5p, China Hall 127.5p

Aberdeen Angus

Gleedlee £823.45, Lynnshield £792.36, Lynnshield 139.50p


High Thorneyburn £712.19, £708.76, High Thorneyburn 114.5p (x2)


Crowhall £999.95,Burnbank £974.03, Old Deanham £959.59, Elrington Hall £953.19, Old Deanham £901.03,

Elrington Hall 113.5p, Burnbank 128.5p,Dukesfield Hall 123.5p,Crowhall 121.5p, Old Deanham 119.5p (x2).

Hexham & Northern Marts held their weekly sale of store cattle and offered 277 head following the annual break in the sales calendar with no sale held on Good Friday.

The entry included over 120 native breed cattle for the monthly special sale of such sorts and trade for all classes was maintained at the recent good rates despite a more mixed show of quality.

Increased buyer attendance was noticeable with prospective purchasers now on top of arable operations and spring grass beginning to appear in many of the regions that host purchases from this centre.

Messrs Herdman, Lunns House, topped the sale with a forward Limousin cross steer at 22 months at £1250 with their four returning at £1208 throughout. Native breed trade peaked at £1180 for a smart pair of Angus cross steers from Peter Findlay, Stoop Rigg, whilst South Devons scaled to £1160 for a 24 month old steer from Philip White, Bingfield.

Females topped at £1110 for a shapely Limousin cross heifer at 18 months from Robin Hall, Kirkely Dam House,whilst a cracking pen of three red Limmy ladies at 13/14 months sold to £1100 for Messrs Ridley, Shitlington Hall.

A super pen of four Angus bullocks at 10/11 months from Edward Dean, Kirk House, Brampton, sold to £1005 for the Cumbrian producer whilst Jimmy Kane, Bank Top, Seaton Delaval, sold a yearling Angus cross dairy heifer for £945.

Whilst we continue to operate in extraordinary circumstances and under strict but necessary guidelines, in the interests of human health, the live auction ring remains by far and away the most transparent and lucrative method by which to market store cattle.

Those producers with cattle to sell are urged to contact our auctioneers, who will be happy to outline the new market procedures and assist in maximising the returns for your cattle.

Aberdeen Angus Heifers

Greenlands Court £954.00, Banktop £725.00 (x2).

Aberdeen Angus Steers

Pottsdurtrees £750.00

Aberdeen Angus X Heifers

Kirkley Dam House £1055.00, Stoop Rigg £950.00, East Butsfield £930.00, Lee Hall Farm £925.00, Parkside £905.00, Kirkley Dam House £900.00, Lee Hall Farm £890.00, Kirkley Dam House £880.00

Aberdeen Angus X Steers

Stoop Rigg £1180.00,£1160.00,£1150.00,£1135.00,£1100.00, East Butsfield £1060.00,£1050.00. Kirkley Dam House £1045.00, East Butsfield £1035.00,£1030.00, Ravensworth Grange £1005.00, Kirkhouse £1005.00

Belted Galloway X Steers

Low Eals Farm £530.00

British Blue Steers

Kirkley Dam House £1140.00, Old Deanham £1070.00

Charolais X Heifer

Harnham Hall £1045.00


Blakehopeburn Haugh £890.00

Hereford X Heifers

High Wooley £1070.00

Hereford X Steers

High Wooley £965.00,£950.00,£925.00


Kirkley Dam House £1110.00, Shitlington Hall £1100.00, £1095.00,£1085.00, Old Deanham £1010.00, Shitlington Hall £995.00, Low Staples £990.00, Low Middleton £990.00, Old Deanham £970.00, Lee Hall £940.00, £930.00

Limousin Steers

Lunns House £1250.00,£1210.00, Old Deanham £1170.00 (x2) £1115.00, Shitlington Hall £1080.00 (x2) Low Middleton £1070.00, Old Deanham £1065.00, £1060.00,£1055.00

South Devon X Steers

Bingfield £1160.00,£1140.00 (x2).

Simmental X Steers

Stoop Rigg £1150.00, £1100.00, £1080.00,£1060.00

Young Bulls

Keld £780.00

Cast Ewes met a strong trade with buyers for all types and shapes with plenty of Sheep £100+. Topping the sale was 2 Texel Ewes from MS CA+ JG Skidmore,Needless Hall.

Mules topped £106 for 8 from Mr G Pigg, Chesterwood.

Next sale 24th April Contact Jack on 07739 440457.

Texel Tup

Crescent Farm £114.00, Nilston Rigg Farms £112.00,Crescent Farm £98.00

Leicester Tup

Penpugh £108.00, Hotbank £100.00,Woodhall Farm £97.00


Hotbank £120.00 & £94.00, Woodhall Farm £82.00


Chesterwood Farm £106.00, Rennys Barn £101.00,Prior Hall £96.00, Tedcastle £96.00, Nilston Rigg £86.00, Well House Farm £86.00, Tedcastle £80.00

Suffolk x

Tritlington Hall £127.00, Salmonswell £118.00, Colepike Home £112.00, Nilston Rigg £110.00, Gunnerton Demesne £93.00

Texel x

Needless Hall Farm £132.00, Thornbrough Farm £128.00, Tedcastle £124.00,Tritlington Hall £122.00, Thornbrough Farm £122.00, Burn Grange House £118.00 (x2), Yetlington Lane £117.00, Greenchester Farm £116.00, Crowhall Farm £115.00, Edges Green £112.00, Dukesfield £112.00, Quarry House Farm £112.00, Thornbrough Farm £110.00, Ravenside £110.00, Grange House Farm £109.00, Nilston Rigg £108.00, Grange House Farm £107.00, Greenchesters £106.00, Rennys Barn £104.00,Grange House Farm £100.00,Needless Hall £100.00


Quarry House £80.00, Penpeugh £80.00, Edges Green £71.00, Low Eals Farm £69.00, Nilston Rigg Farms £68.00, Highwood Farm £62.00


Woodhall Farm £70.00, Kimmerston £61.00, High Town Farm £60.00


Hill Head Farm £72.00


Greenchesters Farm £82.00, Dukesfield £69.00


Wallridge Cottages £90.00

Store Hoggs were harder to sell however, the best still selling to a premium. Topping the sale was a Texel Hogg from Mr. JW Smith-Jackson making £114.00.

Heavy Hogg’s met limited purchaser demand with handier weights selling to increase demand.Contact Jack for entries and enquiries on 07739 440457.


Hotbank £85.00,£78.00, Woodhall Farm £70.00

Texel x

High Town Farm £114.00, Quarry House Farm £109.00,£108.00,£104.00, Hill Head Farm £93.00,£91.00, Nilston Rigg £90.00, Hill Head Farm £89.00, Ravenside £98.00, Yetlington Lane £88.00

Suffolk x

Lunns House £80.00, £80.00,£75.00,£75.00


Quarry House Farm £90.00, High Town Farm £77.00, Hotbank £73.00, Quarry House Farm £70.00


Hotbank £82.00, Nilston Rigg £70.00, Hotbank £59.00, Low Eals Farm £50.00 (x2)


Woodhall Farm £70.00, £68.00 £52.00

Contact Jack for entries 07739 440457.

On Friday, April 3, Hexham & Northern Marts offered 153 head of store cattle at their weekly sale. Once again strict guidelines were observed regarding sanitising and social distancing in the fight against Covid 19. The result was another successful sale with a conservative company of buyers bidding keenly which saw the mixed entry of all classes return a moderate lift in trade on the week.