Eunice Blakey, Salvation Army Captain, comments on Matthew 4 v 1 - 11:

Are you ever tempted? Of course you are, I know I am.

Some temptations we can battle and win; others we fail. Some seem harmless, others more serious; I’m sure you know what I mean.

1. Should I buy that dress or coat, do I need it? (probably not)

2. Should I eat that bar of chocolate? (not really)

3. Have I time for another ten minutes after the alarm goes off?

Trivial though these temptations may be they are still temptations; but what about those more serious sort?

1. Upsetting someone with our words and attitude?

2. Being unkind to another person?

3. Being indifferent to others’ problems?

4. Being tempted to put ourselves before others?

We sometimes feel ashamed of ourselves succumbing to these temptations but we can take comfort in the fact that Jesus the spotless Son of God was also tempted by Satan and overcame him.

He will help us do the same.

We read that Jesus had spent forty days and nights fasting in the desert.

He was very hungry and most probably very tired.

So it can be with us; Satan comes along and tempts us when we are feeling tired and low.

Asking Jesus into our situation can dispel the evil one and we can go on in freedom knowing we have all the power of a mighty God at our disposal when we trust in him.

Don’t give in to temptation, talk to Jesus.