HOLIDAY HELL: Bellingham couple Jonty and Val Hutchinson witnessed the devastating flooding in Madeira as they holidayed in the Portugese resort.

TRIO OF HEROES: James Curry, and brothers David and Mark Irving were hailed heroes as they rescued a 79-year-old woman from her burning building in Bell View, West Wylam.

PARKING HIKE: Residents of Hallstile Bank, in Hexham, were informed that half-price parking discounts at the nearby Wentworth Leisure Centre they had previously enjoyed would no longer apply as part of a shake-up in parking across the town.

GP SURGERY AXED: There was uproar from residents at the abrupt closure of the doctor’s surgery in Byrness, which was ran twice-weekly from somebody’s living room.


REPEATED FLOODING: For the third time in 14 months, the Cockshaw Burn area of Hexham was flooded, with angry residents told no measures to prevent the problem would be implemented until the next financial year.

SHOW IN JEOPARDY: Northumberland County Show was in risk of not going ahead after angry Tynedale councillors threatened to contact the Secrtary of State for the Environment to complain about the amount of show traffic passing through the villages of Wylam, Ovingham and Ovington en route to Overdene Park, near Ovingham.

DOG’S ABUSE: It was reported that, since the dog warden had been employed by Tynedale Council, he had been threatened, abused, assaulted and even chased into a car by an irate dog owner.


RETAIL DEVELOPMENT: Hexham Urban Council was to offer the Land Commission 41 acres of land scheduled for development at West Causey Hill after one of the landowners had refused to sell, putting the planned development under threat.

DOWNGRADE NEEDED: Coun. JM Pescott, of Hexham Urban Council, said there were 188 people in the town living in family homes they couldn’t afford, and more small two-bedroomed houses were required.

VARIETY CLUB DREAM: After 14 years in the making, Prudhoe’s cabaret star Hazel Eames realised her dream of reopening the former Prudhoe ICI club as a variety club called The Castle of Varieties’ Club.


UNDERAGE DRINKERS: There was concern at a meeting of the Hexham Licensing Sessions after it was claimed more young people were frequenting licensed premises in the town.

WELL UNEARTHED: During repair work to a gas main on St Wilfrid’s Road, in Hexham, workmen came across a 22ft draw well which was believed to have been used in connection with a lemonade factory in the area.

ROTARY TRANSPORT: A ‘get you home’ service for men on leave in the Hexham district was started by Hexham Rotary Club, arrangements having been made with the Northern Command Welfare Officer and the Rail Traffic Officer.


BUILDING SALE: It was agreed at a meeting of Hexham Urban Council that £6,000 be offered for the purchase of the town hall and buildings, subject to the Ministry of Health being obtained.

INFLUENZA OUTBREAK: There were many cases of influenza reported in the Hexham district, however, it was not of epidemic proportions. Residents were given a booklet from Hexham Urban Council which gave hints and precautions about the disease.

MEMORIAL UNVEILED: A war memorial was unveiled in Humshaugh by Major General RA Kerr Montgomery, an officer commanding the Tyne Garrison.

BIRD PROTECTION: Hexham Farmers’ Association passed a resolution calling for the protection of wold birds, peewit and lapwing.


ALL NIGHT BALL: Employees and tradesmen associated with Ridley Hall were treated to a ball at the building by Lady Bowes-Lyon, with the proceedings, which included music from a string band from Hexham, going on until 5am the next day.

SCHOOL CLOSURE: During a severe storm in Blanchland, the school was closed for five weeks due to snowbound roads. Skating took place on the frozen River Tyne.


‘MAD’ DOG ON STREETS: A ‘crazed’ rabid dog ran wild on the streets of Hexham, biting 16 dogs, until the owner successfully seized it round the throat. It was subsequently destroyed.

FORESTERS’ DINNER: Members of the Court Tynedale of the Ancient Order of Foresters held its annual general meeting in the Sun Inn, in Hexham, and the evening was spent in the company of Dr Jackson who said he had never been met with greater kindness by the people of the town.