A CASH injection of £3bn will be used to support UK farmers after Brexit, the Government has confirmed.

The chancellor, Sajid Javid, said that the funds would be used to support farmers once the UK leaves the EU this year, in an effort to help them to plan for the future, sow their crops and care for their livestock with confidence. The money will maintain the level of funding for Direct Payments at the same rate as last year, and supplement the remaining EU funding that farmers will receive for development projects until 2023 at the latest. It will be available in 2020, as in previous years.

Mr Javid said: “When we leave the EU and are freed from the Common Agricultural Policy, we will be able to support our rural communities with a fairer and less bureaucratic system. Farmers can enter the new year with confidence that they have our backing and will be able to thrive after Brexit.”

The funding is spread across two financial years and is split in 2020/21 between the Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Scottish Government, Welsh Government; and the Northern Ireland administration.