TIME LORD: The people of Tynedale were set to have the opportunity to step into Doctor Who’s Tardis, thanks to art work created by ICT teacher Neil Cole, who’d also built a life-size Dalek.

FROZEN OUT: Much of the district ground to a halt in the face of the worst winter weather conditions to hit Tynedale in almost 30 years, with more than two feet of snow reported in some places.

SNOWED IN: A disabled woman and her family were trapped in their Unthank home, near Haltwhistle, due to heavy snow. Their food and oil supplies were dwindling and temperatures inside their home had been below freezing on occasion.

UNDEAD SLED: Sledgers at the Sele Hill in Hexham couldn’t believe their eyes when they were joined by Count Dracula. The Transylvanian vampire was none other than Neil Hemmings, who earlier that day had won the New Year’s Day fancy dress competition at the Tap and Spile.


CUT FEARS: It was feared cash cut proposals discussed by Northumberland County Council could mean the demise of the Queen’s Hall Arts Centre in Hexham – unless the cuts could be averted.

PARKING PROBLEMS: People living on Hallstile Bank, whose homes backed on to Wentworth car park, were allowed to park their cars there for half price – despite fears the allowance could lead to a precedent being set.

UNEMPLOYMENT HOPE: Rev. Bill Rigby, the Rector of St John Lee and chaplain for the deaf for the Newcastle Diocese, hoped he would soon be out of a job, believing that a theologically trained deaf person would be able to communicate with deaf parishioners far better.

NEW VENUE: A bumper show was being planned by the Northumberland County Show Committee for the first event on the new showground at Overdene Park in Nafferton.


HOUSE SALES: Hexham Rural Council agreed to consider selling off council houses, following several queries from tenants.

FLU OUTBREAK: Hexham was hit by its worst flu outbreak for 22 years.

CYCLING TESTS: Haltwhistle Rural Council’s suggestion that all children be made to take a proficiency test before cycling on public roads was turned down by the Ministry of Transport.


JUBILEE CELEBRATIONS: Hexham Rural Council celebrated its 50th anniversary.

MARSHAL KNIGHTED: Air Marshal James Robb, of Hexham, was knighted in the New Year’s honours lists.

BAND BOOST: A whist drive and dance held at Allendale Temperance Hall raised more than £20 for the Braes of Allen Silver Band’s funds.

PLOUGHING COMPETITION: Almost 3,000 people turned out to watch a Tyneside Agricultural Society ploughing competition held at Anick.


FRUIT FURORE: Concern was expressed at a meeting of Haltwhistle Parish Council about the large number of banana and orange skins being left on the town’s pavements. It was suggested that baskets, for putting the offending skins in, be attached to lampposts.

FARM FIRE: Fire broke out at Parsonside Farm, Chopwell, causing £1,000 worth of damage.

FESTIVE FEAST: Hexham Board of Guardians provided six stones of flour, 12 stones of beef, 30lb of raisins, 30lb of currants, 4lb of lemon peel, 6lb of butter, 18 eggs, 5lb of tobacco and 8 oz of snuff for a Christmas dinner held at the town’s workhouse. Almost 16- inmates attended.


SEATS TAKEN: The first two women to be elected to Hexham Rural District Council took their seats for the first meeting of the New Year.

NAVVY FINED: At Bellingham Petty Sessions, a navvy was fined a shilling and ordered to pay £1 compensation for refusing to leave the Brandy Bank Inn at Woodburn, and then after being ejected, throwing stones through its windows.


SHOOTING ACCIDENT: A Mr Brown was injured when, whilst out hunting on New Year’s Day, he shot at a hare and his gun burst and shattered, striking his hand and taking away part of the flesh. The Courant reported: “It really is a miracle Mr Brown was not shot dead.”

QUIET ONE: The Courant reported that “New Year’s Day passed off quietly and peaceably; general order and quietude prevailing almost akin to dullness.” However, a number of “inebriates” were brought before magistrates, and were fined and ordered to pay “the usual amount and costs.”

FAT STOCK: A market for selling fat stock was being considered in Hexham, under the direction of Mr Cook, the auctioneer. The desire for a such a market was unquestionable.