ALL SMILES: The snow in the previous two weeks made for ideal skiing conditions at Allenheads, with the slopes enjoying bumper crowds of people from as far away as Yorkshire.

SNOW JOKE: Heavy snow and icy conditions caused chaos on Tynedale’s roads throughout the week, as temperatures dropped to -8C. A Co-operative lorry lost control near Ridley Mill Bridge and almost fell into the River Tyne.

PULLED UP: Tynedale was identified as a housing hotspot, where local people struggled to get a foot on the housing ladder as mortgages topped 11 times the average wage.

RECKLESS MAST: Parents of pupils at Darras Hall Primary School were outraged at Telefonica O2’s plans to build a mast outside the school. The parents raised concerns over potential health impacts.


TOOLING UP: The Ministry of Defence unveiled a document into a planned consultation on a build-up into a new base at Albemarle Barracks, bringing 400 soldiers and 259 military vehicles into the area.

RESTORATION PLAN: £500,000 was set to be spent on restoring the historic Lambley Viaduct, which had been deteriorating since the Haltwhistle to Alston line closed.

SMALL SCREEN: Gilsland milkman Dennis Lingard landed a lead role in Catherine Cookson’s ITV show The Gambling Man, taking on the part of Little Joe.

PRISON FENCE: A school fence “designed to keep glue sniffers and drugs users away from Hexham children” fell foul of Tynedale planners, who said the fence would make St Mary’s First School look like Alcatraz.


RECEPTION IMPROVES: Television viewers in and around Haltwhistle were set to get better colour reception, following the announcement of plans to erect a new television mast at the Bellister estate at Wydon.

LATE DELIVERY: A letter to a Mickley man posted in Berkhamsted in June finally reached him six months later. An apology from the Post Office came with it.

MOTEL PLANS: Plans to build a motel or caravan site at Byrness, near the A68, were announced.


FEATHERS FLY: A “fur and feather show” held by Hexham and District Rabbit Club attracted more than 550 entries.

DECORATED MAN: Col. Graham Angus, of Ravenstone, was awarded a CBE.

DEBT THANKS: Hexham’s west area committee heard that only one of the 400 local people who had relief loan debts of between one shilling and £526 cancelled had written back to say thank you. Public assistance committee chairman Miss M. Taylor said this lack of gratitude was not surprising as she believed that most of the debtors concerned had never intended repaying their loans.


WAR MEMORIAL: Arrangements were made for raising the money needed to build a lychgate war memorial at the entrance to Bellingham Cemetery.

HORSE’S DEATH: A horse belonging to Mr W. Robinson, of the Angel Hotel, Corbridge, died after eating a yew tree’s foliage. Another horse that died likewise was recovered subsequently.

JOBS PLEA: Employers throughout Northumberland were urged at Sunday mass to consider taking on men who had left the armed forces and found themselves jobless.


LANDLORD FINED: A Haltwhistle innkeeper was fined £5 at the town’s petty sessions for serving a drunken man with rum. The drunkard was fined 7s 6d.

HAND OUTS: Parcels of beef, sugar, and clothing were given out by Mrs Straker, of Stagshaw House, Corbridge, to the “deserving poor” of the parish.


HANDSOME GIFT: Mr W. Rutherford, railway inspector, was presented with a “handsome” teapot and purse of gold in recognition of his services and as a token of respect as he left Haltwhistle. He expressed his thanks at such a handsome gift.

BAD TASTE: At the meeting of the Hexham Local Board of Health, Mr W. Robb read out a letter from the chairman of the Tyne Salmon Conservancy, complaining that Hexham’s sewage flowing into the Tyne was damaging not only the river, but the health of people in Newcastle and Gateshead.

BIG COW: Mrs Blackett Ord, of Whitfield, had a 50 stone bullock slaughtered and given to her workmen on Christmas Eve, while Mr Blackett Ord Esq. sent every cottager a hare each.

FESTIVE CELEBRATIONS: On Christmas Day, the Haydon Bridge Temperance Society held its annual festival, which included a public tea and a meeting about the club’s finances.

NOT GAME: A mesmeric performance in Haltwhistle fell flat, when none of those attending would sit still and be mesmerised.