AHEAD of Brexit, a national farming organisation has released a a guide to help UK sheep farmers prepare for the changes ahead.

The National Sheep Association (NSA) launched ‘Business Readiness Toolkit’, a new guide which covers seven different topics which farmers should consider as the country prepares to leave the EU. These include preparing mindset and mental health, assessing your business’s current situation and thinking about future income streams.

Each topic contains a case study highlighting farms where particular practices have worked well, as well as a podcast from an expert in that area.

NSA chief executive Phil Stocker said: “NSA has long been aware our exit from the EU will result in significant change that will affect sheep farming. This is likely to be seen in trade patterns and markets, but also in the way that government is prepared to support agriculture following our departure from the EU Common Agriculture Policy. We are confident that the future holds real opportunities in the market place, but we also know the change of the order we could see will bring disruption and uncertainty for many.

“We want to see every sheep farmer given the best opportunity to succeed and continue if that is what they wish for, and we also want to see clear opportunities for our next generation of sheep farmers to come in and be properly rewarded.

“I hope this tool kit is a good start to help farmers start to prepare for the future, and you can be sure all NSA’s work over the coming years will remain focused on securing our crucial role as food producers and potentially deliverers of an even broader range of valued outputs.”

The new guide is available for both NSA members and non-members online for free, and a printed copy can be ordered through contacting the head office.