A TYNEDALE theatre group has taken part in a international project on climate change.

Humshaugh Theatre Group joined Climate Change Theatre Action (CCTA) in a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays, presented biennially to coincide with the United Nations conferences on climate change.

The group are due to perform on Wednesday, October 23 at Humshaugh Village Hall ahead of the upcoming conference in Santiago, Chile.

The project involved more than 50 playwrights and theatre groups from across the world, including the United States, Brazil and Iraq, who aim to use theatre to bring communities together, and encouraged them to take local and global action to save the planet.

Director of Humshaugh Theatre Group Maurice Gilmour said that the project provided him with a way of adding his voice to the cause, without having to take to the streets himself.

“At my age, I can’t march around with a placard on the streets, but I still want to be heard and so when I found out about the project when searching the internet it seemed like a good way of doing that.”

Twelve actors will take part in the performance, which will then be closed by an open discussion chaired by Professor Herbie Newell CBE, allowing members of the audience to express their views.